Series 3 Readily Available


TiVo Web Site no longer warns of delayed shipping…  

Because of a variety of problems getting the S3 to work properly, double ordering during the initial shipping fiasco, and better prices at retail; there should be significant numbers of S3s returning to TiVo Store. Many of these will have to be sold as refurbs in the near future. Look for significant discounts both on MSRP and refurb units before XMAS.

The first MSRP drop or rebate could be just before Thanksgiving, with another right before or after XMAS. January should certainly hold some better pricing.


Despite attempts to create an image of shortage, the Series 3 is readily available from various online sites without shipping waits. Now we can add the TiVo Store itself to the list. Neither the VIP nor the standard Store pages warn of shipping in 7-10 days nor the original 48hrs. There is no warning at all, and presumably the Series 3 ships the same day as ordered now.

Retail store checks also show significant availability…for those who don’t have the internet where they are.  😉

A word of caution: Reports still linger about terrible service via TiVo Store. It may still be best to just buy (cheaper 🙂 ) from another online source.



Originally Posted by HDTiVo – 09-18-2006

Where this idea that the S3 is sold out comes from, I don’t know. They’re still available at, several other highly reliable and reputable online retailers, and some stores.

We are now in a situation similar to what they call in the semiconductor business ‘double ordering.’ There are numerous second S3 TiVoes ordered/bought out of panic and disatisfaction; many of those are going to be returned to be resold (some as refurbs.) In the meantime, there are far less S3s on the “shelves” than otherwise would be, but there certainly are S3s on the shelves.

Gone Retail? Only Jump Ship IF…

 Does really suck this much?


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