Neilsen Ratings and the DVR


This may be a problem that TiVo has a solution to, if they can get on the inside…

Neilsen is apparently having trouble with their new ratings that include DVR viewers. TiVo has solutions (See also Blog below) which they’ve been investing corporate resources in building on, but can they get under Neilsen’s tent? That would be the way to go, license or co-venture with Neilsen. Even with TiVo’s smallish number of users, there are plenty of TiVo boxes to get useful data.

NY Times Article



One Response to “Neilsen Ratings and the DVR”

  1. TiVo CEO Pushes Ad Ratings Buttons « HDTiVo Blog Says:

    […] I wrote last month about what TiVo has to offer, but it sounds like TiVo continues to be frustrated in attempts to break in. Not surprising, considering their declining significance and strategic missteps. […]

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