The TiVo Community Forum has opened an online store (TCS) to sell various TiVo related products. Controversy over the freedom to post information competitive with TCS has of course arisen.

David Bott says TCF has always had rules like AVS (which he also owns), but they were not as heavily enforced. It sounds like certain rules will be more enforced, but maybe true member-to-member posts will be allowed. Of the two threads removed so far, the first is well explained, but the second was for prospective reasons.

On the subject of TiVo, Inc. influence over TCF, Bott claims no editorial control by them, but doesn’t answer questions about financial contributions.

In my opinion, TCF has always favored positive news and opinion related to TiVo. Unfortunately TiVo has had many problems over the years and their success has been limited. Relatively little of that appears on TCF, in part because most of the critical, independent thinkers have been driven off the site by factors like frustration over TiVo’s failings and poor behavior by TiVo zealots unchecked by TCF Mods. While you can get information on TCF about things TiVo, you often have to wade through large amounts of incorrect advice and some FUD. The addition of TCS adds another level of uncertainty about the independence of TCF.

But a

15% discount* on ANY PUCHASE made in the TC Store and still with the FREE SHIPPING.Coupoon code = tcdeal and expires this Sunday. [Oct. 29th]*Max value savings $150 per customer.

Sure makes things nicer. 🙂

David Bott, TiVo Community Admin’s Post


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