TCS Looks to Become what TiVo $tore Should Be



TiVo Community Forum opened a store – TiVo Community Store – this week, and despite some skepticism about conflicts of interest, the store itself seems to be a fine place to do business.


Through October 29th, TCS is offering 15% off per customer up to $150.

The other day, I ordered a Series3 ($800) and a 400GB Upgrade Kit ($299) using the coupon, thereby saving $150. The order was placed at about 2am, and 2 separate confirm emails with shipping tracking #’s showed up 12-14 hrs later.


With orders picking up from the coupon, the store may be a little more backed up now.


While most items ship same day, please do allow 3 business days for processing (and 7 business days for backordered items). Please note that, in order to get items to customers the fastest way possible, it’s common for us to ship products in multiple packages from different warehouses at no additional charge.


Originally Posted by Store Admin

The S3s are very much in stock. So are the upgrade kits.Most orders ship within 24 hours. However, we do ask customers to please allow 1 to 3 business days for processing as a precaution.


TCS does not currently have an order tracking system, but they say one will be added soon. This would put TCS light years ahead of TiVo $tore which can’t seem to implement such basic features.


Originally Posted by Store Admin

Hi everyone.We are planning on implementing a vastly enhanced customer service section of the site, where you will be able to track orders in real time. We did not want to hold up the launch of the store for that functionality. However, it’s something we understand is important and are very much planning for.…………Although order flow is notably higher after the 15% discount promotion ran, we are nevertheless fulfilling the vast majority of orders within 1 business day. We are rushing product out to the door to everyone as fast as possible.

Thanks and best regards,

TiVoCommunity Support


At this time TCS does not take phone calls, but despite the need to web mail customer service, I am getting responses in less than 3 hours even today with the coupon rush. TCF is also running threads where you can get quick responses to questions.


Originally Posted by David Bott

Hi…Not sure who you are asking but if you mean a number for the store or customer support…we handle things via e-mail at this time and in the store cutomer service area of this site.Thanks


Another inconvenience is that TCS only ships to billing addresses. This is expected to be a temporary caution against fraud for the new business. Luckily for me, I had another, albeit less preferred, card that happened to have the desired billing address.


For an online store that just opened less than a week ago, TCS has done an impressive job. They are offering some good prices, and they seem competent in getting orders out on time. The customer service features that need to be added are being worked on.


One comfort I took when ordering from this fledgling untested entity was that if TCS screws up, you can sure bet it’ll be all over TCF in a flash.


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