TiVo’s Series3 Sales Plan


Although their track record isn’t encouraging, I’d like to wait and see how TiVo reacts pricing in the next month before I pronounce judgement. There are already signs of S3s being available for substantially less than $800 (ie. TCS for $680 ) I don’t reject the $800 initial price, but I would reject keeping it in that area ’til T-Day.

I want to see how they couple November’s price reductions, advertising, and software release to be more effective.

I do think that price reductions will make big differences in volume. $599 will be meaningful. $499 a good increment above that. At $300 (box fee, ie. about $369) I think the SAC about equals the S2 SAC. At $369 adoption will be impressive by TiVo’s standards (assuming the S3’s bugs/irritations are worked out.) One reason I say the above, is that the S3 really does provide impressive quality video, especially in its recording and scaling SD analog content. Its a very nice addition to a quality A/V system.

Personally, I’ve been sold on keeping it for $680 via TCS.

More @ The Business of TiVo


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