Series3 Still a Keeper?


Two weeks ago the Series3 was looking like a keeper, but after one of the most senseless moves in corporate history – even for TiVo – I am again on the fence.

Before TiVo raised its subscription prices this week, I expected to run the S3 @$6.95 for several years. Now I have to decide if I am willing to commit to using the S3 for 3 years @ $6.95 or whether I should just send it back and wait and see what happens.

I don’t consider a one year commitment @ $6.95 followed by an unkown price structure at that time a viable option anymore. What has changed is I no longer have any trust in either TiVo’s pricing or hardware/service strategy; I was willing to risk it before.

My 4 old units (S2s) are 3 no commitment MSDs @ $6.95 and 1 Lifetime. Those don’t seem to be at risk for price changes and until that happens, I have little reason to reconsider them. For the next couple of years, I might continue to use them for SD recording, depending upon how my system evolves.

All plans for additional TiVoes are now off. Certainly there is no way I would buy another S2 with the current commitment requirements; I had been leaning toward picking up at least one S2DT. Replacing hardware under contract is not an option because that involves $150-$220 in rebate forfeiture. As for additional S3s, that is very doubtful at this point. If I keep the current S3, it will likely just be a novelty to be used for about 3 years. Previously I had considered using 4 S3s in the network, contingent upon the MRV/TTC&G availability; now also based upon flawed strategy and future price uncertainty (the additional commitment is less relevant to the S3s) I will not be pursuing the multi-S3 strategy.

For some time TiVoes have been the heart of my Digital Media Network. Now they will be moving to a peripheral role. Most likely a Vista PC will replace much of the TiVo functionality, with media extender devices becoming the connections to the TVs. While all this is evolving, I am certain TiVo no longer represents a central part of the answer.


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  1. Zatz Not Funny. . .»Blog Archive » TiVo Pricing FAQ Says:

    […] Seems like I’m not the only one displeased with TiVo’s new pricing initiatives… Alex of TiVo Blog is considering a new hobby, HDTiVo is considering Vista, and the 477 posts on the TiVo Community Forum suggest there are many confused and/or angry customers. TiVo responded today with a Fall 2006 Pricing FAQ to clarify the new plans. Q. What happened last Sunday and why? A. TiVo modified its pricing plans to lower the upfront cost for its Series2TM boxes to customers. It also made TiVo pricing consistent for both customers and retail customers. […]

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