A Little Help with TiVo’s New Pricing – The Bundle Story


Buying a New Bundled Box Online From TiVo

Previously, you could pay monthly $19.95, $18.95 or $16.95; or prepay $225.40, $299 or $299 for 1,2 or 3 years, respectively.

The Basics

The S2ST costs the same as it did before, $0.

1 yr. – No change on the monthly deal at $19.95. Or pre-pay $199 vs. $225.40 previously. This decreases your cost $26.40 over the previous deal.

After the year is up, you are either stuck month to month at the terribly high price of $19.95 or you can commit to an additional two or three years (up to a total of four!) for $14.95 or $12.95 respectively. All of this compares extremely unfavorably with the prior ability to commit to one year at $12.95.

2 yr. – Save $4/mo ($96) over the two years. This is an improved deal if you genuinely want two years. Don’t be an idiot and pre-pay $299 for only 2 years when that price is the same for 3 years.

After the 2 years are up, you either stay month to month at $14.95 or commit for an additional 3 years (total 5 years!) to get $12.95/mo. The month to month is OK if you don’t hang around too long.

3 yr. – Save $4/mo ($144) over the 3 years. This is a much improved deal if you genuinely want 3 years. Or pre-pay $299 for three years. No change from previous plans.

After the 3 years are up you stay at $12.95 month to month, which is better than $12.95 with one-year commitments.

Overall, if you really are keeping the box more than 3 years, that’s the way to go. But ask yourself, who really wants an analog box for three years? The 2-year monthly deal looks better than before. The one-year is less favorable when considering the terms after the initial year.

The S2DT now costs $40 more than before. Substitute $40 more up front for $0, and each scenario is $40 less favorable than the basic S2ST version; the one year plans get even worse; 2 year monthly is still more favorable than before; 3 year monthly looks better, but annual is worse. The S2DT has become a poorer deal relative to the S2ST.

The Series3 had different prepay bundle prices and it looks like the S3 is now more expensive.


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