TiVo Delivering Ice This Winter


The details about the TiVoCast announcements have come out today and are rather underwhelming. The 5 Press Releases contain TiVo’s usual assortment of on the come comments and other vagaries.  Nothing is here today, its all coming ‘later this year’, or ‘sometime next year.’ I guess the November Update is looking more December-ish.

Most notably, the one potentially valuable aspect – “Unified Search” is left without a Press Release of its own. It sounds like the one that is farthest off, which is a disappointment.

To understand what is coming, it is helpful to divide functionality into TiVoCast (from the internet) and TTC&G (to/from the PC) categories. The S2 will have everything. The S3 will not have TTC&G related functions.

Home Movies – Upload and edit content on TiVo’s partner, One True Media’s (www.onetruemedia.com) website (who?.) Nothing to do with ‘casting’ directly from your TiVo box.

Success assumes everyone in my family and friends circle has a TiVo. Not clear what the advantage is over other sites that would allow a broader audience to watch. $3.99/mo. Also, the feature is run by a partner, limiting TiVo’s ability to control their customers’ satisfaction…for better or worse. as early as the first quarter of 2007

Guru Content – Basically more Guru stuff with video getting downloaded to your TiVo. Not interested in videos about which trees Dennis Haysbert prefers to hug, but I’d like to see the one where he describes how he went from President of the US of A to foot soldier while selling insurance. What’s the inducment for these celeb’s to make videos for <500K potential viewers? I doubt this feature will appeal to many. next year

Autotranscode – A handy way to transcode videos from all those genuinely interesting sources TiVo can’t seem to make deals with, but you can manage to get ahold of. No hint as to whether there is any ‘pull’ method from the TiVo box side; will I be running from the TiVo to the PC much? A necessary addition with a $24.95 price tag. What’s the $19.95/mo for again? Series3 need not apply for now. OK, I can download YouTube videos and watch them on my TV now for $24.95. Forget about watching your Vongo downloads via your TiVo, until you find a way to RIP, in which case I doubt you’ll be using Autotranscode. later this year

“CBS” content, etal – Well, it isn’t real Network content, but it expands TiVoCast’s offerings slightly. What happend to the bandwidth crankiness? This really isn’t what we’re looking for, but its free. Not clear when all this shows up, but some is already available.

Search – The big mystery. Makes me nervous thinking about the folks at TiVo digging around the DVR interface. One more reason to question that 3 year commitment. launching next year

It’s not TV until it’s on TV – Tom Rogers, President and CEO of TiVo.

It’s not on TV until someone gets the deals done – HDTiVo


2 Responses to “TiVo Delivering Ice This Winter”

  1. HDTiVo Says:

    Speaking of CBS “Content” – MSFT has real CBS network content on their XBox DOD system.

  2. TiVo Home Movies « HDTiVo Blog Says:

    […] I expect little impact from the offering, which I looked at previously. […]

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