CBS’s Smith Lives On


Zatz has reported that Smith is available on CBS for streaming, and iTunes or Amazon Unbox for purchase.

I liked Smith, I think?

The best thing I got out of TiVo’s announcements yesterday was stumbling on the fact there were more episodes available for streaming (FREE!!) 🙂

Maybe I will watch the unaired episodes, but it won’t be on my TiVo, will it? 😉

Thanks, Zatz, for telling us that there are summaries of more episodes.

But will consuming all this be like ending up at third base at the end of the evening?

Putting cancelled shows on the net for streaming is not new, and maybe something we should get in the habit of looking for…or maybe some enterprising company will make it simple for us…who’s listening?


One Response to “CBS’s Smith Lives On”

  1. HDTiVo Says:

    This weekend I looked for more episodes of 3LBS on CBS’s site since it seems to have disappeared from the network schedule. See how quickly I can adapt. Sadly, I found nothing, not even an explanation for what happened – only a page advertising an episode at a special time before Victoria Secret which never aired.

    Sure could have used some mental stimulation before the bras came out.

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