More Color on TiVoCast


Update: Nov 15th –

Based on info I saw in Endgadget,  it appears Autotranscode is a manual process – except for the transcode part. 😉  You have to go to your computer, find a video on the Web, download it into the TiVo Videos folder, go back to the TiVo, use NP to find the video on the PC, and transfer. Sounds like the transfer is NOT on the fly, but happens when the video lands in the Videos folder. There will be a further delay with that. There is a preview player now for TD. No info on any settings or other features. Still not pretty.


From what has happened recently, it appears the TiVo-Brightcove deal is seperate from other deals Brightcove does with content. That’s why recent content announcements have not filtered through to TiVoCast. Content providers may decide to use Brightcove, and content distributors can use Brightcove, but each need to match up with the other to start the flow.

There is an update coming which will allow TiVoCast Season Passes to be controlled at the TiVo box. This appears to be seperate and coming sooner than the announced things today.

Originally Posted by TiVoStephen

Brightcove is absolutely still our partner and they currently use TiVoCast to deliver the New York Times content. There will be more content coming via Brightcove in the future; stay tuned.

Originally Posted by TiVoStephen

We’re working to release the ability to manage TiVoCast Season Passes directly on your DVR’s menus as quickly as we can. (Working on squishing one last bug.) As soon as I have a definite date, I’ll let you know.


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