ALERT! First Tsunami Hits Nov 22


The Vista Tsunamis are coming, the first one hitting the day before Thanksgiving as Microsoft unveils its video download service to the Xbox 360.

The service will offer High Definition video including the remastered Star Trek series, and a decent assortment of other content to start.

The TV shows are download to own only, which is unfortunate. Many folks would love to download a missed episode for $.25 but couldn’t care less about owning them. Ownership at a reasonable $1.00 is always a possibility for enthusiasts. Buying an entire series (or season) for $.50 or $.75 per episode would be a good option.

On the other hand, movies are download to rent only. Now there’s something lots of folks would like to own for a few more dollars, as well as renting for $2 or $3.

Early DOD services like these will accelerate in acceptance once more reasonable prices and terms become available to consumers. That $24M in revenue iTunes got for $2 TV shows could be $250M for $.25 rentals.

Terms will also have to change. Viewing within 24 hrs is unreasonable because you can’t finish the next night without paying another fee. 28 hrs is ideal to allow viewing to start at 8pm one night and finish by midnight the next night.

If you are in the DVR or DOD business, move to higher ground by Wednesday.

Nov. 6th Press Release from MSFT


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