The All New TiVoCast 2.0


TiVoCast 2.0 was switched on in the middle of the night and we’ve gotten a decent look at it so far.

TiVoCast 2.0 is the debut of TiVoCast on the TiVo box; before you did everything on the Web and the box received the videos. The box still gets the videos in Now Playing, but there is a new HME App called TiVoCast accessed from the bottom of Find Programs.

The HME does everything, only the downloaded videos are handled in NP. That means TiVoCast SPs don’t show up in the Season Pass menu and TiVoCast DLs are not in the To Do List.

Lack of integration into the DVR interface means the HME app needs to emulate as well as possible, and of course that’s rather imperfect for now. Frankly it is not simple and obvious. That TiVo didn’t just put it all in the DVR interface with the exact look and feel is a mistake.

Another big mistake is that TiVoCast can not, and will not in the foreseeable future, allow Downloads in progress to be watched! Excuse me, I thought this was a TiVo.

TiVoStephen says:

We send the file in a particular encrypted and compressed format, and the decompression and unencryption can only occur once the download is complete.


On the plus side, our average subscriber is able to download an average TiVoCast episode for (for example) Rocketboom in about 12 minutes, so you don’t have to wait too long.

Without Streamloading, forget watching long form content queued the same night – movies are out. Sounds like there is about a 1/3X download speed, so if you choose your movie at the 10 am coffee break, I guess that’s OK. Haven’t checked the bit rates much yet, but a 15 min CNET came in around 5mbps.

Oh, and you’ll be thrilled – not – that there’s DRM to the max (almost.) No MRV transfers; don’t bring up TTG smart guy. Plus the content providers are so stingy, they will only let you store 10 episodes at a time out of fear that you are not watching their stuff. No explanation for thatlogic when to store so many episodes you have to manually KUID on them which shows you care. Did I mention no Keep Until option?

TiVoCast still has the same limited (amount and interest) content as before; the meager functionality doesn’t matter much if you are not using it much.

Overall, what I’m seeing of TiVoCast is making me more sure that I’ll be riding the Vista Tsunami next year.


2 Responses to “The All New TiVoCast 2.0”

  1. Dale Dietrich Says:


    A few questions. As I don’t have access to this as the functionality doesn’t work on S3s yet, is it not possible to subscribe to videocasts on your home PC and then access them through TiVo? In that way it won’t matter if TiVo limits you to only 10 episodes.

    Also, the rational for the limitation, as I understand it, is that these files are very large (they are all currently MPeg 2 files) because the TiVo S2 cannot decode DiVx or Mpeg 4 or other better compression technologies,. The Video Podcaster has to pay for that bandwidth.


  2. HDTiVo Says:



    It is possible to get videos in general onto your PC and use TiVoToCome to watch them on an S2. No folders or groups though unless you use Galleon. The TiVoCast content will only download directly to the TiVo box, so you need some other method(s).

    Autotranscode coming in the future should help automate making videos in various formats downloaded to your PC available via TiVoToCome.

    Yes there seems to be some concern about people signing up for videos and getting numerous downloads which they never watch. And yes the files are bigger. I think its all rather silly and shortsighted.

    I did a little piece on download costs today:

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