Not Much CES for TiVo


So TiVo and Comcast will someday put TiVoSoft on an SA box. Big surprise, as if no one saw that coming – and for the even more susceptible to shock – the port might be easier the second time! This PC World story – includes video of the MOT version.

According to Zatz, the demo was somewhat mocked up in that it wasn’t running off a real Comcast headend and there was ‘pre-populated content’, so the smoothness of the hardware response is questionable. I am betting on very poor real world performance considering all the JAVA/pre-OCAP/Middleware non-sense to make this buggy go.

DirecTiVo customers are having service problems and now TiVo is getting sued for patent infringement. Somehow the IP money flows just keep ending up in the debit column. Speaking of the debit column, two weeks until the end of FY07.

Not much excitement in music or TiVoCast. TiVo is providing access to Real Networks’ Rhapsody and Music Choice music videos. Music Choice provides those still pictures on those music cable channels. Will the few music video fans out there have to fumble around some huge library with the HME interface and wait 20 min for each video to fully download? Reaction to the offerings was pretty much silence; no word on whether pause works either.

Mac users finally got something, but it was from Roxio for $100. You can get it for less, but, again, what are they paying the service fee for? I keep hearing its not just for the Guide.

Now I wasn’t all that excited by what I heard about Vista, etal. or AppleTV, but that will be a rapidly evolving story which I may write about in the next days.


One Response to “Not Much CES for TiVo”

  1. MegaZone Says:

    I think Zatz misunderstood. The demo at the show was not ‘mocked up’. It was talking to a real head-end server, just as it will in the actual deployments. Only the setup at CES was even more complex than it will be for Comcast or Cox.

    The box at the show was connected to the local cable company (I forget who that was, maybe Cox) and the local infrastructure actually uses a Scientific Atlanta head-end, so they had to get that working. Then the head-end server was all the way back in Alviso. So the box at the show was running the same software and using the same server back-end at the units deployed today, but with a much more complex back haul.

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