TiVo VIP Lifetime Transfer Extended


Updated 2/5/07:

Yes, the offer expired. If you have a TiVo not on an agreement or coming off an agreement, you can still do a VIP Lifetime Transfer by 3/2 on an S3 already bought by 1/31/07 by subbing in the old TiVo on your S3’s contract.


TiVo has updated its VIP page to permit purchase by 1/31/07 and transfer by 3/2/07. Previous deadlines were 12/31/06 and 1/31/07.

No surprise that the dates are extended. Expect some new pricing announcements after the current rebate offer through 2/17/07 expires. One rumor is a $30 rebate reduction on the DT to $150 with a $3/mo reduction in the 1yr sub fee (to $16.95). More on TiVo’s pinada marketing saga when some solid info materializes.

I plan to decide if I want to do a LT transfer around 3/1 on the S3 I bought in November. By then there may be more clarity on where the S3 is going with software and MRV/TTG. I can put an old S2 on the 1yr S3 contract.

An alternative, should I decide to get a second S3, is put S3-2 on the 1yr contract and do the LT transfer on S3-1.  Again, I can put off buying a box until 3/2.


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