Jobs and DRM


The other day Steve Jobs stepped out and said the magic words, DRM is passe for music. Jobs is not crazy, he’s just ahead of the curve again. He’s not the first, but his words carry the weight that bring such debates to the forefront and lead to reform.

The business of selling music files will not continue to be robust unless DRM is dropped. My favorite analogy for these types of situations (you have to be over 40) is the dropping of copy prevention on PC software diskettes which led to an explosion in the software industry. Music is approaching that point in its history.

Music has been available unprotected on CDs. Those files are much higher quality than what is sold online for download. DRM downloads can be converted to non-DRM files now – legally and illegally. Removing DRM on downloads will not cause a piracy impact greater than the surge in sales, but the opposite by a wide margin.

Good business is where you find it (which I learned from RoboCop 🙂 ) Let the piracy begin and the revenues keep filling the sales.


3 Responses to “Jobs and DRM”

  1. HDTiVo Says:

    The following article, which I don’t have a link too, does a good job on the subject:

    Music Industry Asks Apple To Share Its Antipiracy Technology
    Dow Jones Newswires – February 07, 2007 6:40 PM ET

  2. HDTiVo Says:

    So what about video? you ask

    Video’s day will come too, but not for some time. Too early.

    I’ll pop a Jobs related comment in here too. I’ve said for some time, though not written, that Jobs is going down over options scandals. There will come a time when he is not able to participate in public companies for some reasonably lengthy period. Now add questions around John Lasseter and his future, and consider the impacts on Apple and Disney.

  3. Major Break in Music DRM « HDTiVo Blog Says:

    […] Steve Jobs foreshadowed this event about two months ago. Certain artists have revolted against the DRM regime. The time is right for the market to evolve to DRM free product. […]

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