Ask not for Whom the Bell Tolls…


… It tolls for TiVo in one week (March 7th) when the company announces its fourth quarter results.

Briefly, I figure terribly high expenses producing meager Sub Adds will further demonstrate that all the marketing efforts made since fall 2005 are a complete failure. TiVo has not delivered on any of it – not results, not even the type of plan they originally described which could have yielded results.

 While Amazon Unbox will provide some lift, TiVo’s inability to sell its product is going to keep its business in a disastrous condition.

When TiVo “changed” its pricing in February, it reaffirmed that their failed strategy will be pushed at least through the first quarter. I took TiVo’s November pricing move as the first step in exiting the hardware business. TiVo will only sell a minimal number of units at very high prices, none of which will ever get TiVo either out of their losing business model nor get them any stature necessary to re-join the trends in the digital video revolution.

TiVo will only be selling the pipe dream of success in the CableSoft market. Even great success in acquiring those subs will not lead to financial riches.

Perhaps the results of 4Q07 will push the Board into acting to replace the CEO with someone who will sweep through the organization and replace all the marketing and development people who so badly need ousting.

Time has passed TiVo by. TiVo must renew itself in order to regain respect and reputation.


One Response to “Ask not for Whom the Bell Tolls…”

  1. HDTiVo Says:

    Looking briefly at the results last night, while I said last week ‘terribly high expenses producing meager Sub Adds,’ I never would have had the guts to put into writing the numbers I saw. 163K @ $245!!!

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