Buying Unbox on TiVo


An enterprising fellow, Doug Swallow, has created an HME App which allows browsing and purchasing of Unbox content on your TiVo. Doug gets 10% of the revenue from the referals.

The program requires you to run it on a PC to avoid giving your personal information to third parties. You’d have to be a fairly active Unbox browser to make that desirable; TiVo’s future app will be hosted by them (or Amazon,) and perhaps have access to functionality folks like Doug aren’t afforded. On the other hand, someone like Doug will probably come up with innovations beyond TiVo’s version within what he can make use of.

People like Doug doing this calls into question the size of the business TiVo can get, but makes the possibility of good business for Amzon greater, and that means TiVo is more likely to get premium content in future deals.


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