Major Break in Music DRM


Apple has announced that EMI’s catalog will be available without DRM for $1.29 per song. Previously purchased songs can be upgraded for $.30 each. The upgrade isn’t just DRM free, its 256kbits AAC, which should be a significant quality improvement over the DRM’d 128kbit.

Steve Jobs foreshadowed this event about two months ago. Certain artists have revolted against the DRM regime. The time is right for the market to evolve to DRM free product.

Amazing to see both protection removed and quality increased for a moderate price.

Edit: It is confirmed the Beatles are not on board yet.


2 Responses to “Major Break in Music DRM”

  1. HDTiVo Says:

    Its not clear if the Beatles collection is included. I saw one report that it isn’t, even though EMI distrbutes for Apple Corps.

  2. HDTiVo Says:

    Apple also offered credit toward album purchases to folks who bought individual songs… 3/29

    iTunes Introduces Complete My Album

    Imagine if that was offered for TV Series in the future.

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