Pogue Reviews “New” TiVo Features


The strength of a TiVo in the broadcasting world is that it is a universal receiver of content. TiVo is largely unprepared for the transition to Internet delivery. Unfortunately its legacy boxes don’t support natively the standards being used; even the S3 is missing much in that area.

Meanwhile, the emerging competition is offering greater versatility in the reception of Internet content.

NY Times Article

Broadcast home movies.

Confusion: You don’t use it because you have a TiVo, you use it because someone you know has a TiVo. Actually, you use it because you want to publish something, and that the occassional TiVo can now receive it too is a little boost. If you have a TiVo, you ask the person you want to hear from to use it.

Not terribly useful in the way it is presented, but potential for niche content creators to distribute to modest sized followings.

Cellphone Programming:

Minimally useful.

Time to stop reading the article after leading with these two dullards.


Content is a C- and is destined to remain in the C’s because of the need for TiVo to sign up each source. TiVo will never keep pace with the changes in popularity and availability of content.

Operation is a B. Casts come days late or not at all at times. Content producers seem responsible for reliability of delivery. The internet is much about instant access; getting Casts hours or days late is a negative.

Overall a B-ish grade.

Amazon Unbox:

Overall the best offering with the most potential. Remains to be seen what Amazon Unbox can provide for content. Content is expensive.


Pogue obviously hasn’t tried to pause one. Without manual intervention, you are limited to the choices TiVo displays. Grade C.

Guru Guides:

An absolutely terrible idea (maybe because I am not a follower) that just doesn’t work. I’m not sure it even interacts with TiVoCast.

Music & Photos:

Nothing new; this has been around for years. It works nicely for what it does, but is very limited in features and limited to MP3…No signs it will ever be enhanced.

Internet Radio:

It works pretty well and is worth using for listening to radio.


Missing mention:


Here is where I think TiVo could make some hay. Using PCs to receive and process a broad range of content to be transmitted to the TiVo boxes in a way they can handle is necessary. Let’s see how far TiVo can get with this.


One Response to “Pogue Reviews “New” TiVo Features”

  1. HDTiVo Says:

    While nothing about the article offers anything new to the well versed TiVo follower or changes the limitations TiVo’s features have, it is a sign that an effort to promote TiVo more widely is starting. In that sense it seems a well placed article that could get other media sources paying more attention and help set up for an ad campaign.

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