Sling Could Own the DOD World


Could Sling Media be getting ready to own the DOD world?

The benchmarks are getting set…streaming receivers costing $299 and $200 are here and coming. It is going to remain very interesting.

Blake Kerkorian is talking to NAB Monday about the SlingCatcher, which will be far more than just a receiver for Slingboxes. Using a PC to download and transcode a variety of Internet video sources, the Catcher will play those on your TV.

The strategy is somewhat similar to what TiVo can do with autotranscode, but considering Sling’s ability to vastly out develop TiVo, this $200 product could bury TiVo’s $799 + $hundreds S3 and their S2s.

And Sling just happens to be getting a ton of free network quality content… take that, TiVo. Plus, Sling will offer ways to attach ads to those clipped and shared pieces of content… see Clip+Sling, etal.

Sling is nimbly working a strategy for everything out there… streaming, mobileTV, recording, content sharing…

Right now Sling Media is the best of the best, and the company is becoming the one to beat in the Internet delivery era.


2 Responses to “Sling Could Own the DOD World”

  1. HDTiVo Says:

    Apparently a major use for Sling is casting around the home. Interesting considering there isn’t even a SlingCatcher yet.

    Catching streams at home from all over the ethernet & Internet sounds quite promising for SM.

  2. HDTiVo Says:

    Sling is working on offering premium digital content

    Not sure what this is really, but its supposed to offer additional revenue streams to Sling.

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