TiVo may be trying to get back into the UK, according to sundayherald.

Mike Ramsay, who relinquished his chief executive post last year but still remains on the board of the Silicon Valley company, told the Sunday Herald that TiVo could return to the UK by having its software embedded into Freeview boxes.

TiVo could issue a licence to a Freeview box manufacturer/distributor for its component and then handle the service aspect itself. But although TiVo has been in “lots of discussions” with potential partners, Ramsay said it had yet to strike a deal.

I’m not sure if the cable deals or the analog cable deployments will come first, but maybe TiVo should just raise prices again.

In case you don’t remember him, all those on the come comments never amounted to anything when he was CEO, which has apparently made for an easy leadership transition.


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  1. ReplayTVBlog Says:

    Hmm… I wonder if this is possibly good news for TiVo. Last time they were in Britain they had to pull out to cut costs. Maybe this is a good sign that they can afford to expand back into the UK.

    Then again, maybe it means absolutely nothing since it hasn’t actually happened yet — I’ll believe it when I see it.

  2. HDTiVo Says:

    I’m putting up a question on TCF’s UK Forum to gather more info…

    I gather this Freeview is an OTA digital TV transmission, and you folks are starting to lose your analog TV. Freeview claims 8.2 million units in use and 15 million boxes and TVs sold. Are these correct facts?

    How does Freeview measure the units in use?

  3. HDTiVo Says:

    I doubt this has anything of significance to do with TiVo’s financial situation. From day one TiVo wanted others to manufacture and sell boxes which TiVo would service. Lately TiVo has been working toward getting versions of their software onto boxes that are already manufactured by others in return for a small monthly fee and some ad revenue. The Freeview deal looks like an extension of that strategy.

    Definitely believe it when you see it. 😉

  4. TiVo: UK Comeback? « Dan Homolka Says:

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