New TiVo Series 2 Prices


TiVo Community Store is showing a reduction in the after rebate price of $20 on the DT80 and $50 on the DT160. And there’s a $39 ST80.…O&Store_Code=EA

They are also showing a three month free sub on a series 3.…S&Store_Code=EA

Also, the $69 difference between DT80 and DT160 is the smallest I’ve ever seen.

What’s going on?

TiVo has been saying it is going to reduce hardware subsidies, but its got a $200 rebate on the S3 and now these lower S2 prices. It also announced today that its figured out nobody buys Dad anything for Fathers’ Day.

Then, TiVo managed to get a USA Today review of its UnBox OnBox sales feature exclusively because somehow USA Today must have thought it was tomorrow.

Could TiVo be reducing prices on the S2s before they raise prices on the S2s?


2 Responses to “New TiVo Series 2 Prices”

  1. MegaZone Says:

    Dell has the 180-hour S2DT for $10 less than TCS.

    I don’t think TiVo is doing anything with their pricing, they haven’t changed their prices on their site and the major retailers haven’t budged. Sounds like it is just a special – resellers have wiggle room to offer discounts.

  2. HDTiVo Says:

    Have you seen those prices during this pricing cycle, or is this new?

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