Open Cable Comes to Collect


New set top boxes that use cableCARDs are going to cost $72-93 more per unit, which may translate to a $2-3 per month increase. Comcast for one appears to intend to spread those costs over all box renters instead of charging only the CableCARD box users the full amount.

The the broad population is going to be paying extra for something that is producing no significant consumer benefit and will most likely cause numerous service problems at least in the early months.

CableCARD 1.0, which is all that is available in CE devices, is a useless dead end. Cable companies will deploy proprietary two way boxes which use cableCARDs while the CE Industry can do nothing.

What a way to screw up an open platform – get the government in to broker a half baked solution which only increases consumer prices without any benefits.


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