FCC Commissioner on Digital TV Transition


Sounds like he has some consumer friendly thoughts:

Martin said the FCC was taking a number of steps regarding the broadcast and cable industries. He pointed out that commission has proposed requiring cable operators to deliver a “viewable” signal to customers, whether that means “explicitly requiring” them to deliver an analog signal to their analog cable customers, or that all-digital cable systems provide customers with the equipment to view broadcast signals, and that “cable subscribers will not be forced to rent a set-top box to view the broadcast signals.”

The FCC also proposes that cable to deliver a broadcasters’ HDTV signal in HD, rather than being able to convert it to standard DTV. Martin also put in another pitch for requiring cable to carry all of a broadcasters free digital channels, rather than just a digital version of their primary signals, as the commission has previously held. Martin tried to require multicast must-carry a year ago, but could not muster the votes. He said the proposal remains among his fellow commissioners.


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