What’s happening?



HP’s MediaSmart TVs gaining access to video content via internet…CinemaNow already signed…browse and purchase from the TV. 


Jackie Collins on TiVo:

And now you live alone in Beverly Hills? People think of me as glamorous, but if I wake up in my house and have nothing to do except write, that is bliss to me. Later I’ll watch TiVo. I’m a TiVo addict.


GPLv3 causing problems with Microsoft. MSFT will not provide any new GPLv3 code to customers of its alliance with Novell.


Comcast is putting some heat on the FCC for maybe getting a little capricious with those waivers. While Verizon may be taking some heat off. And AT&T U-verse has a slick story.

Free to air TV in Australia making program listings data available to DVR makers.

Dave Zatz and Megazone have been on to the new Moxi DVR products.

TiVo exercised its option to make its license with TGC non-exclusive.


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