HDTiVo is going Veoh


Just a few more days left to activate your VeohTV BETA invitation

So says tonight’s email from VeohTV.

Funny, they never sent me an invite before, though I requested one. So am I tardy?

P.S. Forward this to your friends and help us spread the word about VeohTV. Thanks!

So maybe a few of my very closest friends can also get an invite and go Veoh with HDTiVo.  🙂

MAC users – stay tuned for the coming release of our MAC version later this year.


The beat goes on…


Veoh Attracts More Than 14 Million Unique Users In June

In June, Veoh Networks (www.veoh.com), the leading innovator in Internet television, announced that its user base grew to 14.3 million unique users. This marks a 223% overall rise in traffic since Veoh launched in February with 4.4 million users.

Veoh expects its growth to continue to accelerate with the further rollout of its VeohTV which it expects to further transform the online video landscape. Currently in beta, VeohTV acts as a specialized video browser and DVR (digital video recorder) for discovering, viewing and managing online video. VeohTV combines the breadth of the Internet with the simplicity of traditional TV and betters it with a patent-pending smart recommendation engine so that viewers can discover more of what they want to watch. Because VeohTV supports open Internet standards, it has access to virtually all of the content on the Internet.


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