What’s Happening?



New Media, old formulas, structural changes.

Added Sweeney, “It’s not just about the new media and how that might impact our businesses. It is about the whole structure of the business.”

“I devote an awful lot of my day right now to dealing with new media and where our content is,” said Moonves, who wants to avoid having the TV and movie business follow in the footsteps of the music industry. “You’d be surprised how often I’m dealing with that now in my day-to-day life in New York City.  I wouldn’t know how to begin to talk about a formula (or) how this would be shared since it is such an experiment right now for all of us.”

The executives are taking aim at residual structures established in the early 1960s and partially revised 20 years ago, when the guilds went on strike to fight a losing battle over residuals for videos. The unions have vowed not to be left behind again when it comes to broadband and other new technologies.

The most vocal of the three, Meyer said, “We have to make fair deals. We just think that the model has to change, that the sharing should be done on profitability…”


Video downloads planned for TiVo in Australia. Megazone.  Especially interesting is the plan to include YouTube videos. YouTube recently started going AVC for iPhone; this may indicate TiVo boxes will have access to AVC content from places like YouTube – and why not in the U.S.?  😉

Other video content from the internet, such as YouTube clips, would also feature prominently. But only a limited number of content sites would be supported for the sake of usability.

“You can’t open up the world because the fact is [with TiVo] you’re navigating the world with a remote control – it’s very different to sitting at your PC,” said Mr Lund.


TWC is Lovin’ SDV:

Time Warner Cable Austin’s Director of Digital Systems Todd Bowen

“Any channel that is put into SDV is unavailable to CableCard equipped (unidirectional) TVs and PVRs such as the TiVo Series 3,” writes Bowen. The resultant subscriber experience of loss can be “emotional,” he adds. (An understatement, given the psychological profile of a typical TiVo devotee.)


A Behind-The-Scenes Look At How DRM Becomes Law

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