More Signs of Lite


It looks like TiVo is about to deliver the HD-DVR I suggested 17 months ago they build at the price I suggested 12 months ago they deliver it at.

Since they are charging last year’s price, I figure TiVo will do OK with this, certainly far better than they did with the S3 fiasco. Unfortunately all of TiVo’s other problems, and particularly price/terms for service, will continue to retard sales.

So where do they price the S3? Do they just put it out of its misery?


Earlier estimates …



… and more commentary …

What’s wrong with the S2DT?

Final S3 Rumors

The end result and check out #5, the mass market DVR springs eternal. Hello S3-Lite!!! 🙂


2 Responses to “More Signs of Lite”

  1. HDTiVo Says:

    So now that TiVo is about to ship the right DVR for last year’s market, how about having the guts to believe subscribers will stick around for a while and cut out the multi-year commitment nonsense and the $16.95 nonsense so TiVo can start producing some decent numbers again.

  2. HDTiVo Says:

    I say offer these options:

    1. “finance” or “lease” the boxes for zero down and an extra $X,Y,Z per month for 1,2,3 years over (more reasonable) service pricing. Of course, you don’t present it that way. Its $16.95/mo for 3 years or $18.95/mo for 2 years, or whatever.

    2. $299 and $9.95/mo, or $599 w/ Lifetime, or whatever. Once you go above zero down, forget variability of monthly rates; just give people the choice of an all-in price, or a box price and a low monthly service fee which they can understand the value of.

    Note: These numbers are intended to be illustrative of the concepts, not precise prices.

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