TiVo Appoints CMO


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Nortel’s turnaround chief takes aim

Not a quick, “mistakes were made” statement followed by 30 PowerPoint slides on a new strategy, but a lengthy, deep and even heartfelt discussion about past leadership, integrity, transparency and a lost focus on the customer

 The quote above dovetails nicely with some of TiVo’s cultural needs in the stand alone business. Further into the article, Richardson shows an attitude toward leadership and decision making that TiVo desperately needs.

Chief Marketing Officer Clent Richardson to Leave Nortel

Nortel* [NYSE/TSX: NT] announced that Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Clent Richardson will be leaving the Company March 1, 2006.

Richardson’s decision to leave Nortel is based on personal reasons.   He is planning to relocate his family from Toronto to the U.S. west coast.   Richardson has been Nortel’s CMO for 18 months.

Leaving for “personal reasons” is not a good sign, plus he was only there 18 months. In addition, this brings up the question ‘what has he been doing for a year and a half?


TiVo Appoints Clent Richardson as Chief Marketing Officer

Now let’s get a CFO, and a new CEO, and a new …

I’d be much happier with someone with experience in the CE field instead of a guy who’s done cell phones in Europe and Nortel.


4 Responses to “TiVo Appoints CMO”

  1. HDTiVo Says:

    Updates posted at top of article.

  2. HDTiVo Says:

    Perhaps with whatever expertise he may have he’ll notice something doesn’t smell right and he’ll explain to Rogers that TiVo isn’t in the cell phone business. Maybe he’ll even figure out that DVR/DMR buyers aren’t looking to purchase a “service” ala TiVo’s and he’ll tell Rogers that too.

    By then he’ll be hitting the road for “personal reasons.” 😮

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    […] Rogers & Cowan which had worked on TiVo’s consumer efforts. Along with the newly created CMO position, it looks like TiVo is making serious efforts to change their marketing […]

  4. What´s Happening « HDTiVo Blog Says:

    […] CMO is gone already, just 9 months after his arrival. I am not sure if he stayed longer than the CFO (the last “permanent” CFO,) but it […]

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