What’s Happening?



Father-Daughter Rift at Viacom – Sumner still has no intention of dying as the new wife moves in.

Verizon Jumps All Over Veoh’s Internet Clips – Verizon is taking Veoh content for wireless, FIOS & Web; and sponsoring VeohTV.

From Internet superhighway to autobahn – Increasing bandwidth will again change our lives.

Charter Adding Online Content – subscribers get full length content.

According to the company, the enhanced home page for Charter’s internet customers, www.charter.net, is offering long-form and short-form content from HBO, Showtime, IFC, USA Network, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV and VH1.

Courting a Jury – How to win a patent litigation.

Irell & Manella patent litigator Morgan Chu has learned that local counsel in small towns can help downplay preconceived notions the jury might harbor about high-paid lawyers flying in from the big city. In the April 2006 case TiVo Inc. v. EchoStar Communications Corp., Sam Baxter served as local counsel for Chu, representing TiVo. During voir dire, Baxter addressed several potential jurors by name, like old friends from the neighborhood. “Oh, hi Gladys, how are your children?” he asked one woman. Baxter then asked Chu, who is of Asian descent, to stand up, and he put his arm around his shoulders. “Morgan here is different,” he told the jurors, then paused for dramatic effect. “Morgan wears a bow tie.” TiVo’s team walked away with a winning verdict and $74 million in damages.

Must-Carry vs. Must-Buy – Dual Must Carry, Multi(cast) Must Carry, analog signals…quite an uncertain time for the future of cable signals. 

When Is a TV Not a TV? – More Must Carry; what is a television receiver?

the FCC has proposed two options for cable: either go “all-digital” (which presumably means all subscribers are outfitted with digital set-tops) or be required to simulcast analog and digital feeds from local broadcasters.


Comcast Adds Four HDTV Channels in Chicago – Going all digital is showing benefits, and complaints are negligible.

Cable Blasts Dual Must-Carry at FCC  – Heated words and another reason to go All Digital. Plenty of analog expected to be in cable systems after Feb. ’09.

Study: Broadband Viewing Up, But Not Affecting TV

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