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Verizon TiVo programing adjusts price to $1.99 – Now that is a price I could live with. Nice video by Shanan too.

Can anyone get the connected home right? – The sorry state of affairs after decades of promise; but does anyone have a vision?

While each of these products has a lot of promise, the reality is collectively they are just too complex for the average person to use and, in terms of cost, outside of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates few folks cold afford to buy all the parts to make a complete solution.  

No wonder consumers are confused, the best offerings don’t talk to each other, are often way out of their price range, and collectively so complex that you’d need a degree in engineering to both understand and use them.  Microsoft has the breadth but not the focus, Apple the skills but not the breadth, Sony the capability but not the will, and we are left waiting for the one company which can pull this all together and create an iPhone like moment that could transform this space. 

CBS Eye-lert Tells You When TV Shows Run Late – If only TiVo can integrate this; no more missed endings. 🙂

How the DVR Extends TV’s Prime Time

Don’t fear the web or TiVo. They aren’t nearly so scary as previously thought, particularly for advertisers on broadcast TV. Sure, broadband is growing quickly. “Fully connected” households — those with digital TV and broadband — leapt to nearly 30% from 25% year on year. Web crawling during prime time is up 28% among adults. But the web’s growth hasn’t negatively affected how much time we spend watching the tube. Indeed, Mr. Poltrack’s research found that 73% of us watch the same amount of TV as we used to, and 16% of us watch more TV in prime time.

YouTube won’t replace the boob tube. According to Mr. Poltrack’s CBS Vision research, 63% of us watched video on the internet last year, while this year that number leapt to 85%. In addition, whether someone has viewed a show online seems to positively affect whether they’d watch the show again on TV. Twenty-one percent of adults said they would watch a show more after they’d seen it online, while 69% said they’d watch the program the same amount.

DVR users sometimes notice ads. By the time next year’s critical upfront TV advertising sales period arrives, digital video recorders such as TiVo will be in one out of every four American homes. The good news for advertisers? While TiVo is certainly used for ad zapping, it’s done not with the regularity one might think. Mr. Poltrack said more than half of the time, DVR owners polled “sometimes notice ads,” while 15% of the time they “always notice ads.” Moreover, those DVR owners were able to recall specific brands advertised 44% of the time while watching live TV, compared with 41% of the time in playback — hardly a massive drop in awareness.

Prime time just got longer. Just as Taco Bell has profitably invented the gut-expanding “fourth meal,” it should come as a delight of advertisers that TiVo and its clones seem to be expanding prime time into a “fourth hour,” from 8 p.m. to 12 p.m. Someone who might have watched an evening of CBS’s “Big Brother” and “CSI” might then also watch ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” in the same night instead of simply watching their affiliate’s nightly recap of fires and crimes and tomorrow’s weather. “Thirty percent of [DVR owners] are doing this on a regular basis,” Mr. Poltrack said with a slight grimace. “We know because it’s affecting our late [local] news and our morning shows.”

DVRs In Nearly Half US Homes By 2010 – More from the Carmel Group study. TiVo to share 2% of DVR market in 2010

NAB: Feb. 17, 2009, Means Nothing to 60% of Consumers

CBS Aims to Spread Web Content – 400 Sites!

“CBS is al about open, nonexclusive partnerships,” CBS Interactive president Quincy Smith said. “Just CBS.com is not the answer” to reaching viewers, he added, so the network is devoted to going out where the viewers are, not forcing them to CBS.com.

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