What TiVo and Others Could Learn from iPhone


What Your Next Launch Can Take From the IPhone

Lesson Three: Simplify pricing.   …

In Apple’s case, the choices were boiled down to one question: How many minutes do you want?   …

For instance, TiVo missed the opportunity here, said Golvin. “TiVo sells the box and the service separately, and TV customers aren’t always clear on what they are paying for.

You can say that again. Also realize you are not in the cell phone business unless you are in the cell phone business.

Lesson Four: Don’t be afraid to charge for quality. At launch people will break out of ingrained thinking and pay a premium price if they believe the product offers superior experience and beautiful design …

But don’t forget to get realistic when your remaining customers do too; and don’t raise prices as your products’ value diminishes.

iPhone’s launch was phenomenal. Not only was the build up fantastic, but the advertising at launch was stunning – jaw dropping.  I sat in awe watching iPhone commercials that would work beautifully for TiVo while considering throwing my wallet at an AT&T or Apple store – like a 17 year old throwing her panties at the Beatles.


One Response to “What TiVo and Others Could Learn from iPhone”

  1. Bill Curnow Says:

    The iPhone launch was slightly more involved than “how many minutes do you want”. Ad Week forgot “how much music do you want your phone to hold” and “you don’t have a commercial account, do you? iPhone doesn’t support commercial accounts.”

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