TiVo News – New SVP & Rogers Video


TiVo Appoints Karen Bressner as Senior Vice President of Advertising Sales  – Press Release

New York based, reporting directly to Rogers. Looks like Rogers could be consolidating power with these additions (see CMO)

In other news, TV Squad has a link to a Market Watch interview with Tom Rogers.

Rogers says HDTV sales are 90% of TV sales at retailers he talks to. I estimate TiVo’s HD sales are 10% or less in unit terms since the Series 3 launched. TiVo HD should move that disparity in the right direction.

Rogers says retailers tell him that they think people would like TiVo HD as a companion product to their HDTV sets. No indication of any integration of a TiVo into another device or made by any other CE manufacturer.

When asked how profit is not hurt with lower price, Rogers says TiVo HD costs much less to manufacture. Even so, TiVo HD is probably a subsidized box; however the point is to get those very profitable Subs coming in at a respectable pace/SAC again, seeing ads and buying video downloads, all of which could happen with TiVo HD.

Rogers says TiVo’s Sub growth has been “hurt by their inability to offer “a popularly priced unit”

Cox TiVoSoft rolling out later in the year (2007 🙂 )


TiVo Hires Ex-Viacom Exec to Head Ad Sales – Ad VP Davina Kent to report to Bressner


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