Back from the Summer


Hi folks, I’ve been away resting and doing that summer thing for about 5 weeks. In that time quite a bit has happened to/at TiVo and over the next week or so I’ll catch up with some comments.

Several positive developments have occured, in addition to the ones just before August. Over the same period, horrible looking financial results have been reported and my confidence in the TiVo/Echostar case has declined. Of course, I’ll be going into some detail on the financials, and comment on the things that are new; and I’ll be writing about subjects beyond TiVo as I have in the past.

While I have not caught up on everything nor done much analysis, I’ll give away the end anyway. 😉  While TiVo looks to be in the best position I have seen in years on several fronts, it remains very far from being able to achieve business success.

It so happens I ordered a TiVo HD today, only to find out tonight that MRV/TTG is coming in November, restricted only by the copy flag and the physical incapability of the S2s re: Hi Def. I ordered because I had gained confidence that MRV/TTC&G and eSata would come in some reasonable time, hard drive upgrades became available, video issues had been resolved by a software update, an SDV solution looks likely, and because I just need more HD in more rooms what with fall sports and programs.

One thing I don’t remember thinking about before is that it looks like I could substitute the Tivo HD for one of my old month to month $6.95 S2s; in other words, no 3 yr commit – this is practical because there is no rebate. However, fact is I am not taking anything out of service, so I am just doing the 3yr $6.95 commit. One way or another one of those 6 TiVoes will be around for 3 yrs, and if not I’ll eat the money. If all goes well with SDV/TTC&G/MRV, a few months from now I may be replacing some S2s with TiVo HDs and doing the month to month substitutions.

No decision on hard drive upgrade yet, but it will be at least 400GB.

A note on cost:  I am using a cable co DVR with a $9.95 DVR fee and $7.95 box fee. The TiVo HD alone will drop the $9.95 part and if the S2 I am also using were dropped the $7.95 box could also go. With $3.50/mo in CableCARD costs, there is no monthly savings now, but future S2/cablebox replacements with TiVo HDs would save about $7.45/mo which goes a long way towards paying back the $299 for the TiVoHDs.

All this really only works for us MSD TiVo users, but that’s lots of folks that can justify the TiVo HD price when its other features/benefits are factored in.

Thanks to those who have been poking around the blog while I was away. I hope even 5+ week old info was useful to you.  🙂


5 Responses to “Back from the Summer”

  1. HDTiVo Says:

    Now that it looks like transfers will be here in November and SDV will have a solution, I think the upgrade cycle from S2s to TiVo HDs can kick in. Actually replacing S2s with TiVo HDs will be viable from a functional and economic perspective for many folks.

  2. MickeS Says:

    Welcome back, I was wondering what had happened. 🙂

  3. HDTiVo Says:

    I’ve made some TiVo related comments over at TivoLovers like . I don’t know how to search specifically for a certain person’s comments on Mega’s site, but since I haven’t written much hear yet I thought I’d point in that direction.

  4. HDTiVo Says:

    Hi Mike, nice to have you aboard on the Blog.

    P.S. Mike, re: your football HD frustration, remember that FOX uses 720p which needs less bits for the same quality than NBC’s 1080i. So the slightly higher bitrate you got from FOX combined with the lower 720p require both combine to help your FOX picture.

  5. HDTiVo Says:

    A great post about HD bitrates in a good TCF thread on the issue of varying HD quality.

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