Recent Positive Developments at TiVo


While I was enjoying a few weeks of summer a number  of developments occured worth writing about. I’ll focus on the positive developments here first.

He who’s name I shall not mention (Ramsay) leaves. Ramsay was horrible for TiVo, being responsible for much of its failure to thrive in the marketplace in TiVo’s early years, but he has been largely irrelevent in recent times. His departure is welcome symbolically, but Rogers’ departure would be positively electrifying (at least until we find out if his replacement is yet another lame dog.)

SDV solution likely. Some device to allow one-way cable devices to at least request and get tuning data for SDV channels will be available before all hell breaks loose. This is a major development for these one-ways which were threatend with some level of obsolescence. Now Hi-Def TiVoes can be bought with the confidence that they will be adequately useful down the road; considering the several hundred dollar capital investment required for an HD TiVo, this is extremely important.

MRV/TTC&G coming. Once DTCP-IP was settled with CableLabs, this seemed inevitable; TiVo claims November, but it could slip a little bit. MRV for late season/playoff NFL action likely 🙂  🙂 . TiVo is offering the most functionality anyone could hope for (only copy flag restrict – that needs to change to allow transfer/delete.) TiVo says no transcoding, which means a major opportunity is lost re: Viixs chip which apparently does not have the transcoding capability some models in that line have.

Official eSata functionality on the foreseeable horizon. Little by little we are seeing more signs of eSata; people do it unofficially already. This is not a major feature, but its general availability is a positive.

The TiVo HD, initially rushed out too early, is now ready for prime time with software updates. With hard drive upgrades available, SDV/MRV/TTC&G and MSD pricing, this unit’s costs can be justified by many more buyers.

TiVo now has a product and feature set they could sell in decent numbers, if only …

… they deal with issues I’ll review in my next (?) post.


3 Responses to “Recent Positive Developments at TiVo”

  1. HDTiVo Says:

    Another item I didn’t mention is progressive play for downloads. What I call streamloading puts internet downloads on a par with MRV/TTC. This badly needed change, which I pointed out in the early days of the newest TiVoCast (2.0?) is quite welcome and will increase Unbox sales.

    No word on anamorphic, DD5.1, or HD content.

  2. HDTiVo Says:

    MegaZone reports:

    A new site for TiVo games ( similar to appsTV) IP:

  3. HDTiVo Says:

    MegaZone reports:

    $200 rebate soon for S3s.

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