A Fool About TiVo


This article popped up today by Rick Aristotle Munarriz. Normally I am not at that site, but this is worth reading and I don’t mind mentioning it because it is not about TiVo as an investment, but rather making a TiVo worthwhile to pay for.

Unlike his conclusion, maybe at this point TiVo should have a few people on duty for live sporting events sending signals to broadband connected boxes about games going into overtime. Its not that big a software update, would not cost much, and TiVoes check in every few minutes anyway. 

Heck, maybe they could just build a real cool sports bar at their office and give out free beer to their sports fan employees (assuming they have any.)

Or more realistically, align with someone already doing something similar like they aligned with Tribune for guide data.

When you ask your TiVo to record the show, the live event buffer option would have options for further extention based on realtime events, and subject too not cramping any recordings. Afterall, they now have that whole warning screen for live events that’s mostly empty. Let the user know that if the game were to go beyond X then something might be deleted early or not recorded. User can set a max variable overtime limit or give game top priority.

Folks at TiVo Sports Central send out a signal which pads 15 mins each time when a game looks like it could go over the previous end time. Middle of the nineth, game within two runs, send pad signal.

When you talk about Service, that’s Service. That’s value added. Despite TiVo’s delusions, they don’t sell a service – or at least they didn’t until adding some recent elements like TiVoCast which is worth about $.03 a month out of the $13 they charge on average to new subs.

Suppose last XMAS they were charging the upper classes $599 for that sweet 😉 looking S3 and the $13 “service” came with that Sports Concierge diddy.

The other thing I want to mention is DTV. There’s your example of what TiVo’s “service” is worth and its potential subscribership. TiVo is going to have to come to grips with the realities of its service and its pricing, and rationalize that into a larger, more profitable sub base. Its doable, but right now TiVo is virtually clueless about how to get there.


One Response to “A Fool About TiVo”

  1. HDTiVo Says:

    I realize I rambled on about this pad signal idea, but don’t take it as seriously as the verbosity.

    The real point is that comment, “TiVo is going to have to come to grips with the realities of its service and its pricing, and rationalize that into a larger, more profitable sub base.”

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