FCC makes decision on carriage of Analog Cable signals


The FCC made a decision to allow TV stations (OTA) to demand the carriage of analog versions of their signal for up to 3 years after the digital switch over in Feb 2009.


While this does not clarify the entire picture for analog cable, it does decide terms that OTA signals are carried in analog form over cable networks.

Its not clear how this reconciles with Integration Ban waivers issued to cable cos. commiting to all digital carriage, since this in effect allows a local OTA station to force an analog signal onto the system.

Regardless, the decision impinges particularly on S2DT users who are threatend with the loss of the functionality of one (the coax input) tuner by the digital cable transition.


3 Responses to “FCC makes decision on carriage of Analog Cable signals”

  1. MickeS Says:

    It does NOT mandate analog versions. It only requires that customers with analog TVs must be provided with a way to view these channels. The cable company can convert everything to digital, and give the customers digital cable boxes, and they will be in compliance.

  2. HDTiVo Says:

    It looks like in the case of a system that goes all digital, the analog must carry option of the OTA broadcaster is cut off.

    Thanks to Mari Sibley.

  3. HDTiVo Says:

    This relates to dual (analog & digital) must carry rules which the FCC Chair originally proposed for analog into perpetuity. It is now clear that OTA stations can only force must carry of analog versions for 3 years – at least until the FCC changes its mind again – and only on cable systems that don’t go all digital.

    The dongles/STBs for converting digital cable channels to analog for input to legacy video receivers is a seperate issue.

    As far as the S2DT users, it is the continuence of carriage of unscrambled analog signals that affects their 2nd tuner; baring some SDV/USB analogous solution to that, ie. a USB attached device which can tune digital cable channels and output them via coax analog RF to the 2nd tuner.

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