Current TiVo Pricing


As most readers already know, TiVo has a $200 rebate on the Series 3. You can pay a net $599 at the TiVo Store or $399 via Amazon. As usual, there is absolutely no point to ordering from The web special offer is equally unappetizing.

TiVoHDs are going for less than $266 from Amazon, a decent drop after the short time the unit is on the market. There is no rebate, of course.

Series 2DTs are still stiffly priced at around $80, but the old single tuner 540 can be had for $-20 at TCS.

The good news about what TiVo is doing is that they are continuing to offer MSD pricing for their own web site and retail purchases. Better return policies at may make paying a few extra $s for the TiVoHD worthwhile, but maybe not $34.

I expect very few will prefer to pay an extra $100-130+ for the Series 3, but not having much experience yet with the TiVoHD, I am not entirely confident that the Series 3 isn’t more superior to the HD than I realize. (I’m still trying to get two working cableCARDs out of the monopolist.)  😉

For MSD eligible subscribers, the TiVoHD is not a bad deal compared to many cable offerings (which have seen increased pricing lately,) provided you are very confident you’ll stay almost all of the three years. This is a big improvement compared to the Series 3, but don’t expect TiVo’s sales to suddenly go wild from this limited advantage.


3 Responses to “Current TiVo Pricing”

  1. HDTiVo Says:

    I’d like to see pricing the TiVoHD at $249 starting at the beginning of the holiday period. Retailers like Amazon around $230.

    TiVo also needs to drop these assinine commitment periods on these virtually unsubsidized boxes. $12.95/$6.95 w/o commitment would be a good start. $9.95/6.95 better; and a $249-$299 Lifetime price.

  2. HDTiVo Says:

    Some time ago I made a suggestion that TiVo vary the box price with the commitment period rather than the sub fee. That would also be an improvement over the present regime, and more in line with the more successful cell phone model – though I don’t endorse the cell phone model at all as a good choice for TiVo.

  3. HDTiVo Says:

    It looks like we’re most of the way towards retailers getting to the price levels needed for XMAS. Hopefully the 9.1 software disaster won’t affect sales too much.

    If hi def transfers really work in November, TiVo could be set up for pretty OK TiVo HD sales. I think sales are OK right now considering long pent up demand from enthusiasts without unlimited resources. However, I’m not talking growth over last year’s Q3 GAs by any means for this Q3.

    OK is defined as somewhat better than recent putrid results.

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