NBC DOD – Is Your Head Spinning?


So much is happening and changing so fast in the Download on Demand (DOD) area its hard to keep up with what’s going on. NBC’s cancelled relationship with iTunes, jump to UnBox and now NBC Direct (plus Hulu) has my head reeling.

Networks and others are trying several things at once to see what sticks. The message to take away is that Internet delivery is proceeding in earnest and here to stay.

NBC Direct (7 day download rental with commercials for free) now conflicts with $1.99 sales on Unbox; or does it? You can own through Unbox or just watch for free via Direct. The real question is if Unbox will “rent” the 7 day content; that would be a major breakthrough in the business – just call up current or past episodes for free anytime (especially via your TiVoes.)

Unbox would get paid by NBC to deliver the files to PCs, TiVoes, etc.

Would it be a big deal to replace the rental download files at Unbox with new ones with different commercials every few days? Nah.  Eventually, individualized commercials could be provided in the files dynamically. Talk about CPM!


2 Responses to “NBC DOD – Is Your Head Spinning?”

  1. HDTiVo Says:

    Last night I watched some of that free NBC content on my crap HDTV via a Series2 and my TiVoHD. Zoomed S-Video and TiVoHD’s zoomed HDMI actually looked very good. I rate it at a little above a Series2 High recording off my cable box. And only about 1.25GB/hr or the size of an S2 Medium recording.

    Definitely worth what I paid. 😉

  2. HDTiVo Says:

    There is the issue of whether ads can be FF’d with Direct. Via Unbox on TiVo FF may be required. Still its no worse than with a recording.

    Also, I am not sure if 7 days is from download or broadcast date, or how long the download may be available on Direct.

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