Around the Horn with TiVo


Maybe October is the new November? ;)

Updating New TiVo Software Being Distributed (9.1),I think its very likely everything (incl. TTG/MRV  and eSata) is in there, waiting to be found ;)or turned on. They are not going to send out another upgrade to the entire installed base in another 6 weeks. If you think about it, by the time this one gets to everybody it will be almost November – and TiVo usually considers something released after everyone has gotten it.

I hope they release by account, because folks with multiple S2s will be temporarily inconvenienced by the MRV incompatibility otherwise.

While TiVo is offering a $50 S2DT80, (Get an 80-hour S2DT for $49.99) no matter what TiVo does on price, short of giving away lots of money with each box, subscription additions will not be good as long as the ridiculous subscription options remain in place. This comment extends to the hi def TiVoes. TiVo HD will sell somewhat better than S3 did, but TiVo’s growth is at an end after this year unless they change.

I made a rare stumble into the Showcasesarea and was impressed by how many items were in there (but Product Watch is still highly dead.) Showcases has previews from CBS and ABC, including the use of Thumbs Up and one click SPs (one click for SPs to all shows too.)  The free Unbox downloads lack Thumbs/SP options (as well any any promotional content about the series.) Between Unbox and Showcases, Networks are well representedon TiVo for promoting this Fall’s shows.

I think ComCastTiVo is a while from coming.  As I alluded to last week,

TiVo says software development is done and any delays are due to funky infrastructure issues at Comcast. Is it semantics? (Credibility)  Who cares; it ain’t rolling out and there was no statement that it is coming in X weeks unlike on the earnings call. (TiVo @ Maxim Group Growth Conference)

the roll out is going to be slow, quite a bit longer than what most people had thought a month or so ago, and subscriber acquisition will obviously be delayed as well.

Away from TiVo, Echostar is buying SlingMedia. I don’t know whether or not to cry. I don’t know what to think yet.


2 Responses to “Around the Horn with TiVo”

  1. HDTiVo Says:

    Echostar is also trying to spin off its technology business. Buying Sling then is part of a strategy to create a more interesting equipment company (ie. integrate STB/DVR/SlingBox functionality into one box) and probably has much to do with Sling’s moves in content this year.

    Still puzzling it all out myself.

  2. HDTiVo Says:

    I started considering that the Sling deal might be in part about Sling dropping the hardware business; speculating that perhaps selling boxes wasn’t something that looked like it would pan out as a business, and that the content activity they’ve been doing would become the focus.

    Now reading Blake’s comments, I see this as a way to accomplish a hardware exit without exiting the hardware business. Sling technology embeded in other boxes that are necessary already would be the hardware focus.

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