TiVo: Its time to say a little UNCLE



You’ve got some things going for you, but your “service” pricing will continue to cripple the potential.

Its time to say ‘OK we were wrong’ and go back to no commitment and Lifetime sales.

Look, you’re dealing with subsidized S2s. Now the writedowns are there, but leave them out for now if you must.

Make the product of your future a success. TiVo HDs are on average subsidized little enough to offer them with no contract. Sell Lifetime again at $299 or less. You’ve got other revenue streams you are trying to build, which will accelerate if you get Gross Adds going again.

Make your move starting with Q4. Grab much bigger holiday sales. See how you can reverse the slide and start putting up decent and profitable GAs again.


4 Responses to “TiVo: Its time to say a little UNCLE”

  1. HDTiVo Says:

    I’m going to put up a range for Q3 GAs even though I haven’t done the work I normally would:

    55-85K. I’ll take 72K

    Remember, TiVo has come in well below my ranges the last three QTRs.

  2. Kevin Says:


    Oct. 06 had a gross sub add of 101K. If I remember correctly, they rolled out the S3 in September, a month later than the HD box went out this year. The S1 and S2 sales they had last year must be offset by the S2 and S3 sales they are having this year. So with an extra month of selling the Tivo HD box at a better price, how can Tivo not top what they did last year?

    The HD box has been running in the top 100 consistent since September on Amazon’s top seller list for Electronics. Now I don’t know what that means in terms of raw #’s, it should be better than last year’s sales.

    My prediction is closer to 125K for the quarter, with churn of 55-60.

  3. HDTiVo Says:

    The thing is S2 sales were the vast majority of sales, and S2 sales have tanked. The result is that even if you predict TiVo HD sales around 3 times what S3 sales were, you still get lower overall GAs.

    Another factor is TiVo didn’t shoot itself in the other foot with the multi-year contracts until Q4. So this year’s Q3 will compare to last year’s Q3 without multi-year contracts.

  4. Moron TiVo’s Q3 « HDTiVo Blog Says:

    […] TiVo: Its time to say a little UNCLE […]

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