Buffalo RAID on the Way!


The other day I ordered a 1TB Buffalo Drivestation Quattro for $465 to use as a RAID 5 system (750GB net). I’m hoping to upgrade it with some larger drives I already own and have the included 250GB drives available for other uses.

The product has an eSata interface and USB 2.0. My first use of the Drivestation will be to see if I can run a TiVo HD off it – single HDD attached to the eSata port (eSata-int. MBD port). Success there would provide awesome and easy opportunities for massive storage on TiVo HDs.

The Drivestation will probably end up replacing mirrored USB 2.0 drives (300GB net) for more storage of videos on my PC server.

Its on the FedEx truck for drop off now. Unfortunately I am leaving town today, so I may not have results until Thursday.


2 Responses to “Buffalo RAID on the Way!”

  1. Ian Says:

    So did it work to upgrade the drives? Would love to know, especially by email, as I just set one up for my dad and can see needing to upgrade someday

  2. HDTiVo Says:

    No sorry. I don’t exactly know why. Check out the RAID threads on TCF where I posted the full story and where people have been looking for something that works at an affordable cost. So far, nothing though.

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