Announcing: HDTiVo Blog Remains Completely Unchanged


For those of you my age and over who have trouble keeping up with all the latest stuff, HDTiVo Blog announces that it remains completely unchanged – literally for the last 3 months.

Unlike certain “competing” blogs who change their formats, HDTiVo Blog is completely committed to its current format. Rest assured, you will never see a video, photo or graphic. Our devotion is to black and white text that´s unfortunately not read all over.

Strict Teletype compatiblity will be maintained indefinitely. Always take the latest news home on punch tape that fits in your shirt pocket – even when writing implements are sharing space therein.

Unfortunately due to vendor requirements, CRT support is no longer available; we are now LCD only.  OK, just kidding; chill.

Our commitment is to write articles less frequently to allow all our readers to keep pace. Once everyone has had a chance to read and comment on the latest article, we will begin working on the next. We hope this will give folks the chance to also absorb the comments before being burdened with a new topic.

Your feedback on retaining the old format is welcome. We did no testing to see if this was the right thing to do, in accordance with our strict no testing of anything ever policy.

Best wishes for the second quarter of 2008, and as always, thanks for being troubled enough to read this,



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