Where´s the GD Tuning Resolver?


Reference is made to a post on TCF which refers to this HD Guru article so I don´t have to reinvent the wheel…


I received a response a short time ago from Mike Schwartz at CableLabs in regard to a series of questions I emailed him asking for details and results of the interop testing done last week. In essence, he says they are treating the event as private and suggest I contact the vendors…though he does not say who was there, which was one of my questions.  😀  I bet TiVo was there.  😉

He goes on to say…

What I can say is that we stand ready to conduct compliance testing on tuning adaptors
and UDCPs that implement the interface, once suppliers wish to submit.


which does not sound to me like Q2 availability.  😉

Subject: Tuning Resolver Status

Dear Mr. Schwartz,

I am an analyst/blogger in the digital video field who writes under the pen name
HDTiVo (hdtivo.wordpress.com)

I am researching the status of the tuning resolver for UDCPs to access SDV channels,
and understand interoperability testing was done last week at CableLabs. What can
you tell me publicly about the status of the TR´s development and expected availability
date to either cable companies or actual end users?

The testing done last week, was that with final production versions of the TR that
cable cos. will be purchasing or with prototypes? Was the testing merely for 3rd
party UDCPs with final TRs?

How would you characterize the results? Were there more or less problems than expected?
Will projected availabilty dates be changed?

What companies brought their UDCPs and what types were they, to the extent you can

I am especially interested in as much info about

TiVo´s Series 3 Platform units
as you can provide.

Many thanks in advance for taking the time to respond,




I would keep an eye on zatznotfunny for more news from Mari Sibley.


3 Responses to “Where´s the GD Tuning Resolver?”

  1. Gizmo Lovers Blog » Blog Archive » CableCARD, SDV, And The Tuning Resolver Says:

    […] HDTiVo Blog picked it up from there (which is where I found the link to the HD GURU post). Gizmodo also picked up the story, though I […]

  2. HDTiVo Says:

    Well, sure enough, Dave got Mari to perform … Many thanks.

    Gizmodo, re-printing HD Guru, included enough “butchered” details for CableLabs´perspective, and has enough readership, that apparently CableLabs replied to them …

  3. HDTiVo Says:

    … all of which should perhaps be a lesson to us bloggers in journalistic license. 😉

    Thinking about this, all we have really learned is that presumably a production model of a Motorola TR was tested successfully.

    We don´t know about SA, and we don´t know what or if TiVo did there. We don´t know the status in particular of TiVo´s ability to deliver software to interface with a TR; for that matter, TiVo may need to deliver software that can interface with multiple TR models, in the same way drivers are written for different wireless ethernet adapters…

    So what´s TiVo´s next move?

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