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NBC DOD – Is Your Head Spinning?

September 21, 2007

So much is happening and changing so fast in the Download on Demand (DOD) area its hard to keep up with what’s going on. NBC’s cancelled relationship with iTunes, jump to UnBox and now NBC Direct (plus Hulu) has my head reeling.

Networks and others are trying several things at once to see what sticks. The message to take away is that Internet delivery is proceeding in earnest and here to stay.

NBC Direct (7 day download rental with commercials for free) now conflicts with $1.99 sales on Unbox; or does it? You can own through Unbox or just watch for free via Direct. The real question is if Unbox will “rent” the 7 day content; that would be a major breakthrough in the business – just call up current or past episodes for free anytime (especially via your TiVoes.)

Unbox would get paid by NBC to deliver the files to PCs, TiVoes, etc.

Would it be a big deal to replace the rental download files at Unbox with new ones with different commercials every few days? Nah.  Eventually, individualized commercials could be provided in the files dynamically. Talk about CPM!

Advertisements Retrospective

July 29, 2007

Mark Cuban was the pioneer/entrepreneur in the use of the Internet to transmit multimedia.

His blog contains a look back at, the entity which propelled him to fame and billionaire status, when a billion $ was really money.

I used to read Mark’s columns years ago, starting before He was a visionary who truly got it. Today he is a little myopic about the Internet, but he is still very stimulating to read.


All VOD all the time?

July 28, 2007

In All VOD, All the Time, Tom Steinert-Threlkeld writes about Jeff Bewkes’ desire to forestall the DVR by offering everything via VOD, making the cable system a virtual DVR.

But Bewkes wants to control viewers through his method, which won’t work well. His primary concern is to preserve the existing ad based economic model, and he believes cable can build these systems easily and leave satellite out of the running for customers, while having several years advantage waiting for Telco buildout nationwide. I agree with the latter.

Bewkes is wrong to want to cripple FF; people want that feature to save time watching content so they can watch more content. Offering commercials that are dynamically targeted temporally and individually to viewers can enhance the commercial based business model, even without changing the existing contractual relationships. People will want to see these ads and even when FF’ing they will pick up the gist.

There is a better way:

Combine the DVR and VOD. All Download on Demand (DOD) all the time. Much better end user functionality; less burden on the network to transmit content (content is transmitted only once over network – trick play occurs on DVR.) Ads can be dynamically replaced depending on original download time and updated depending on viewing time; ads can be targeted to household, not neighborhood.

All digital HD DVRs could be made relatively cheaply in the next couple of years. They wouldn’t need two tuners to avoid recording conflicts in a DOD world. They would  just need to write a stream of bits off one tuner to the hard drive as content is released (ala TiVo Season Pass) or the viewer requests it. Eventually, IP based HD DVRs could eliminate even the tuner and act like a DOCSIS 3.0 modem, and solid state memory based DVRs could reduce manufacturing costs as well.

Unbox on TiVo Giving Away Free Movie

July 27, 2007

This week’s specials includes a Mexican movie, El Callejon de los Milagros, which can be purchased FREE. Or you can conveniently choose to RENT it for $2.99.  😮  Its not TiVo unless its a … oh, well. 😉

You can find the movie under the Special Deals category right on your TiVo.

Not sure why in the world this movie would be offered as a free bee. Free downloads coould indicate tough going for TiVo on Unbox or just good marketing, but this?


VeohTV Beta more open?

July 27, 2007

I received an email from Veoh today with a link to

It looks like it is generally available to those who sign up. I am not sure though.

More surprising is a link to a Mac version I had not seen before. It might be just a signup sheet though.

Yahoo Ad Exec Becomes Veoh CEO

July 26, 2007

Veoh Taps Yahoo Executive As CEO As It Pushes For More Ad Revenue – CNN

Advertising to become important part of Veoh business model.

Mitgang succeeds founder Dmitry Shapiro, who will become chief innovation officer.

Veoh names former Yahoo executive CEO

Mitgang was formerly a senior vice president with Yahoo working on its advertising services.Before joining Yahoo, he was chief executive of Carlsbad-based Web analytics company Keylime Software, which was acquired by Overture Services in 2003.

“I think we’re at a big transition point,” Mitgang said. “We’re going from really creating some magic around the application to turning this into a real business and becoming the video company for the Internet. Now we need to evolve our relationship with content holders. We need to evolve our relationships with advertisers or create (relationships).”

In addition to Mitgang, Veoh hired Jennifer Betka as senior vice president of marketing. She previously worked for Sirius Satellite Radio.

The anti-YouTube – Dmitry Shapiro on CNN demos VeohTV Beta App. I wonder if this video can be played via VeohTV?

What’s Happening?

July 17, 2007


TiVo commercial ratings press release. StopWatch

DOCSIS 3.0 Gets Further ITU Approvals

Singapore is home to StarHub, one of the first service providers in the world to deploy pre-standardized DOCSIS 3.0 equipment. StarHub currently offers customers broadband speeds of 100 mbps using gear from Motorola and Vyyo.  …

… the group also approved key aspects of CableLabs’ PacketCable 2.0 specification.

PacketCable is a CableLabs-led initiative that is aimed at developing interoperable interface specifications for delivering advanced, real-time multimedia services over two-way cable plant. Built on top of the industry’s highly successful cable modem infrastructure, PacketCable networks use Internet protocol (IP) technology to enable a wide range of multimedia services, such as IP telephony, multimedia conferencing, interactive gaming, and general multimedia applications. Working with CableLabs member companies and technology suppliers, the PacketCable project addresses issues such as device interoperability and product compliance with the PacketCable specifications.

Podcasters Form Downloadable Media Group – Association for Downloadable Media

The Association’s Key Objectives

  • To support the momentum around advertising and sponsorship of audio and video podcasting to create revenue for all groups in the ADM constituency
  • To establish terminology, standards, guidelines and best-practices that make downloadable content easy to justify, buy, scale and measure both in advertising efficacy and audience metrics
  • To support and provide a network through which the industry can share knowledge and educate advertisers, agencies, press and analysts as well as content producers and distributors in understanding the unique attributes and value of portable media
  • To be an advocate for everyone from individual podcasters to major media companies who deliver content in a downloadable format across multiple platforms


Grouper Drops User-Generated Video 

Various networks announce VOD, Internet programing initiatives. See Multichannel News.

Discovery Baits Shark Week Birthday with VOD.

Web Shows Returning to Comedy Central

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HDTiVo is going Veoh

July 12, 2007

Just a few more days left to activate your VeohTV BETA invitation

So says tonight’s email from VeohTV.

Funny, they never sent me an invite before, though I requested one. So am I tardy?

P.S. Forward this to your friends and help us spread the word about VeohTV. Thanks!

So maybe a few of my very closest friends can also get an invite and go Veoh with HDTiVo.  🙂

MAC users – stay tuned for the coming release of our MAC version later this year.


The beat goes on…


Veoh Attracts More Than 14 Million Unique Users In June

In June, Veoh Networks (, the leading innovator in Internet television, announced that its user base grew to 14.3 million unique users. This marks a 223% overall rise in traffic since Veoh launched in February with 4.4 million users.

Veoh expects its growth to continue to accelerate with the further rollout of its VeohTV which it expects to further transform the online video landscape. Currently in beta, VeohTV acts as a specialized video browser and DVR (digital video recorder) for discovering, viewing and managing online video. VeohTV combines the breadth of the Internet with the simplicity of traditional TV and betters it with a patent-pending smart recommendation engine so that viewers can discover more of what they want to watch. Because VeohTV supports open Internet standards, it has access to virtually all of the content on the Internet.

TDG on Unbox on TiVo

July 12, 2007

TDG is pretty hot on the meaning of the new Unbox on TiVo Direct.

Unfortunately these guys haven’t heard of the Xbox (Live!) or heard that the DT & S3 are selling like cr@p. 😉

However, they are right in theory about the importance of getting video to and ordered from a TV-connected box to expand the DOD business.

Massive Streaming Getting Traction

July 12, 2007

A couple months ago I was writing about Sun producing systems that could provide up to 160,000 SD video streams. Now AT&T Uverse is ordering the systems.

I expect cable systems will be keeping pace one way or another.

What’s Happening?

July 12, 2007


New Media, old formulas, structural changes.

Added Sweeney, “It’s not just about the new media and how that might impact our businesses. It is about the whole structure of the business.”

“I devote an awful lot of my day right now to dealing with new media and where our content is,” said Moonves, who wants to avoid having the TV and movie business follow in the footsteps of the music industry. “You’d be surprised how often I’m dealing with that now in my day-to-day life in New York City.  I wouldn’t know how to begin to talk about a formula (or) how this would be shared since it is such an experiment right now for all of us.”

The executives are taking aim at residual structures established in the early 1960s and partially revised 20 years ago, when the guilds went on strike to fight a losing battle over residuals for videos. The unions have vowed not to be left behind again when it comes to broadband and other new technologies.

The most vocal of the three, Meyer said, “We have to make fair deals. We just think that the model has to change, that the sharing should be done on profitability…”


Video downloads planned for TiVo in Australia. Megazone.  Especially interesting is the plan to include YouTube videos. YouTube recently started going AVC for iPhone; this may indicate TiVo boxes will have access to AVC content from places like YouTube – and why not in the U.S.?  😉

Other video content from the internet, such as YouTube clips, would also feature prominently. But only a limited number of content sites would be supported for the sake of usability.

“You can’t open up the world because the fact is [with TiVo] you’re navigating the world with a remote control – it’s very different to sitting at your PC,” said Mr Lund.


TWC is Lovin’ SDV:

Time Warner Cable Austin’s Director of Digital Systems Todd Bowen

“Any channel that is put into SDV is unavailable to CableCard equipped (unidirectional) TVs and PVRs such as the TiVo Series 3,” writes Bowen. The resultant subscriber experience of loss can be “emotional,” he adds. (An understatement, given the psychological profile of a typical TiVo devotee.)


A Behind-The-Scenes Look At How DRM Becomes Law

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Xbox: More HD more places

July 11, 2007

Xbox has HD content from Disney coming and is branching out into Canada and Europe later this year.

According to an AP report, Xbox Live! has 7 million members and is rapidly approaching 10 million.

Sony’s PS3 will be getting HD video downloads later this year.

Unbox/TiVo is not in Canada and does not have HD content. My quick Swivel on some Disney titles didn’t offer any Unbox downloads.

Unbox videos ordered direct from the TiVo

July 10, 2007

Amazon Press Release

We knew ordering via Unbox would come soon, and it is here today.

I’ve looked at this from a couple of directions and I see a modest revenue contribution to TiVo from the Unbox orders. Assuming TiVo gets 10% of revenue, I figure in the beginning TiVo is due for revenues in the 10’s of thousands per month.

There are several points of resistance to Unbox as it stands. 1) Video & audio quality: less than DVD and stereo only. 2) Price – interest really kicks in with 99 cent rentals. 3) Viewing can only start after download completes.

As TiVo’s broadband connected units grow – even in spite of an end to growth in total SA units next year – I expect its Unbox revenues to grow. Also, business will pop when HD/anamorphic/DD5.1 content becomes available. I’m sure there will be a little extra business from tire kickers this week too. Eliminating the delay in viewing the rental/purchase would allow for more spontaneous use.

It is going to take several quarters before Unbox revenue makes a noticeable contribution to the company’s revenues.


AccuStream Research: Streaming Subscription and Download Media Forecast at $2.6 Bil. in 07

Download movies, forecast at $60 million in 2007, is up 133.4% over 2006, and on track to break the $100 million threshold in 2008.

Movie revenue growth has been hampered by limited availability of both front line titles and catalog depth

IPTV Will Take Off, Says Study

Netflix: 5M Online Views in Six Months

Netflix Instant Watching Feature Scores 5 Million Viewings in First 6 Months – Press Release

TiVo Eliminates PC from Movie-Download Equation


Neither Andrew Pray, a TiVo spokesman, nor Drew Herdener, a spokesman for Amazon, would say how many customers used the service.

Another set back for the box

July 7, 2007

As if it were not frustrating enough seeing the slow progress on boxes that bring diverse video sources to the TV, Xbox is now in trouble with some undisclosed hardware problem(s). Warranties are being extended and MSFT is writing off more than a billion $s.

Stargate Stars Release Indie Film

July 4, 2007

Some of the stars of Stargate have put together a film called A Dog’s Breakfast which is available on UnBox and iTunes.

Those of us with broadband connected TiVoes get a near exclusive through UnBox on TiVo.  🙂

Veoh Content on TiVo?

June 25, 2007

A comment buried in an article about a discussion with Dmitry Shapiro, CEO of a San Diego Internet video startup called Veoh Networks, says,

Soon you will be able to direct the videos to your TiVo as well.

I’ll be looking for more about what this could mean.

The article itself offers some interesting details about Veoh.

YouTube’s Move to AVC

June 23, 2007

Since mid-June, YouTube Mobile has been live. 

Recently Dave Zatz blogged about YouTube going mobile, 

While YouTube’s growth has been spectacular, that growth was heading towards a brick wall; the wall around its garden of proprietary  format (Flash) video streaming. Something would eventually have to be done for YouTube to escape into the outside world. Ironically, Google Video already had as an option downloadable mpeg-4 files.

YouTube will convert its entire catalog of videos to AVC (h.264) by this fall and publish all its new videos in the format

Some might think YouTube’s move to AVC is a big win for AppleTV, but it is a win for every DMR maker.

Moreover, the big winner is YouTube, for escaping the walled garden which would have stymied its future possibilities, and the video viewers.

The Beat Goes On

June 22, 2007

The other day I wrote about VeohTV, a “universal” application for viewing web video from various disparate sources.

Well you could see this coming from a mile away: arguing over issues related to “recording” those video streams.

And the beat goes on.

Lingua Franca? Veoh TV

June 20, 2007

A new way of watching video on the Net is coming in late June which will cross many garden walls…


I don’t usually sign up for betas, but this seemed pretty cool.

Its a software player that will have access to a large number of major sources of video content on the web. No more browser plug-in – and a different player for every site.

On top of all this universal translator for video streams stuff…comes a DVR! You can record the streams to your computer’s hard drive for later viewing.

Now this I must see. )

TiVo Adds Search HME

May 17, 2007

TiVo has released a new search feature run from an HME app called Universal Swivel Search.

Called what? Well, ok this is TiVo, and they are not the brightest bunch.

USS is a necessary addition to program search features to keep TiVo competitive. It could be a platform for the future of TiVo searching if the application is extended properly.

What does it do that Wishlist and title search didn’t do. Well, first, it ONLY searches for title keywords (incl. wildcards, ie. ‘wo’ = woman = worst …) So far you’ve gotten nowhere. But then the process expands into links based on various criteria like Actor, Director ….  So if you know the title of a program, and it is showing on a channel you receive in the next 13 days or a download is available, then you can get somewhere. USS also contains data not just from TV channel schedules, but UnBox and TiVoCast, unlike the old search functions that only have the TV channels.

From a show you locate you can then search other criteria, but every search is individual and only produces other shows. Forget about searching movies Alan Alda has been in with Carole Burnett, because its going to give you everything AA has been in – TV and all. Oh, well, could have used the Wishlist thing to filter on AA movies. Basically USS reminds me of a HyperCard app. As I recall, you put in a bunch of data into each card with links to the other cards. Thus you could find all cards with Valerie Harper on them, but not isolate cards where Marlon Brando acted with Roger Corman as director.

To illustrate the limitations of using USS, suppose you want to search for Marlon Brando. First you have to think of the name of a movie he was in and hope it comes up, otherwise think of another title… Once you find a title, its easy to go into it and choose MB under Actors. Then you get everything MB was in (haven’t figured out if titles he directed but didn’t act in would come up,) but you can’t narrow any further. However, you can easily go into each title and back out to the MB screen to hunt and peck for what you want.

USS also isn’t fully integrated into the TiVo DVR interface yet. While it is accessible from a program in the Now Playing List, you can’t get at it from a Program Record screen. Thus, you can’t leverage off things you might find with a Wishlist, an important shortcoming.

USS is good for a first release, but needs much more development to keep TiVo in the running.

Should CableCARD Be Abandoned?

May 16, 2007

Key technological innovation in the cable industry should not be stifled by political worries over a small group of CableCard users. CableCARD 1.0 should be abandoned for the dead end it is in favor of major technical advances that cable can offer soon.

Fundamentally the difference between VOD and SDV is that SDV allows more than one receiver to watch the same broadcast or program stream. At the limit, everyone on a local node would be watching their own HD VOD stream. Some households will not be watching anything, others 1, 2 or more things at once. VOD capacity usage can be improved about 50% by using VBR and multiplexing technologies according to Imagine Communications.

Taking 50 out of 70 analog channels, for example, offline could provide enough bandwidth for HD VOD to around 150 subscribers per node.

Companies like Tandberg, which claims its VOD equipment services 15 million subscribers and is being bought by Ericsson, are making highly scalable systems and using techniques like Imagine Communications’.

Cablevsion believes it can double the number of channels offered in an SDV system, using the assumption that not all channels are watched simultaneously within a given node. At the limit, a limitless number of channels could be offered in an all VOD setup.

Eliminating dependancy on broadcast mpeg2 allows more bandwidth efficiency when re-encoding mpeg2 into mpeg4.

One can see that much of the needed equipment to provide an entirely VOD oriented delivery system via cable is on the horizon. It also looks like the existing “wire” can handle the data rates.

Cable cos are accelerating their plans to implement DOCSIS 3.0, which will provide 160 mbps service at residential rates.

At the point where analog video is removed from the cable network, you can go back to the concept of bits are bits. Whether the network is carrying bits that are video, telephone, radio, text, graphics does not matter technologically. What will be affected over time will be how much the cable company gets paid to carry the bits and how much the cable company pays others to provide the bits. Cable’s costs for programming goes to zero when someone is watching VOD from another source.

Indeed, Comcast later this year will offer a trial of a “converged services” system of voice, video and data over an IP connection based on DOCSIS 3.0, which has support for IP multicasting and IPv6.

Cable is offering to build an advanced platform and should not be hindered at this stage by smaller considerations.


Imagine Communications

Current QAM devices can process a total of 38 Megabits of data per second, Tayer said. If all television programs are encoded at a constant bit rate, each signal requires 3.75 Mbps of processing each second, meaning operators can push about 10 channels through a quadrature amplitude modulation device at one time. By using variable bit-rate encoding, operators can process 15 to 17 channels in each device, Tayer said. “This has never been used for VOD,” Tayer said. “It’s all been done at constant bit rate.”As VOD usage climbs, he said, “the bandwidth problem multiples. With VOD, every stream is unique. It uses a lot of bandwidth. Digital broadcast has been able to take advantage of variable bit rate technology,” and Tayer believes cable operators can do the same for VOD.

Imagine PR:

cable industry’s first SDV solution enabling Variable Bit Rate and statistical multiplexing (VBR/StatMux)


Cablecos Accelerate DOCSIS 3.0 in Move to Gain ‘High Ground’

Comcast senior vice president of new media development, Steve Craddock:  But rather than wait for 2009 or 2010 until full DOCSIS 3.0 equipment is available, Craddock and his crew at Comcast are pushing the vendor community to submit their gear for 3.0 certification now in hopes of having full- and pre-DOCSIS 3.0 gear available in the 2008-09 timeframe. Comcast put together a DOCSIS 3.0 acceleration team, including folks from the business and engineering sides of its organization. That team is working with vendors one on one to try and get them to accelerate their equipment development and certification schedules, he said, which Comcast is hoping to bump up 12 to 15 months from the original CableLabs DOCSIS 3.0 timeline. Comcast wants to bump up the schedule because it needs to scale. So rather than do that with nodes splits, which are expensive, it would rather do it via an early moveto DOCSIS 3.0, said Craddock.  Peter Percosan, director of broadband strategy for TI : Real DOCSIS 3.0 products should be ramping in January 2008. Craddock said DOCSIS 3.0 can be used to blanket the United States for a couple billion dollars. Verizon is spending 10-times that and will cover only about 14 percent of the country.I think we can use DOCSIS 3.0 offensively … grabbing the high ground early,” he continued.“We may do all fiber, we don’t know, but we don’t need to do it any time soon,” said Craddock, adding the only exception might be greenfields in which communities are asking for all fiber.

Texas Instruments Introduces Industry’s First DOCSIS(R) 3.0-Based Solution, Enabling Quick Market Deployment for Cable Operators


“TI anticipates that by 2009 cable operators will stop deploying earlier generations of DOCSIS specification-based products and only offer their subscribers DOCSIS 3.0 technology, as it offers them additional opportunities for revenue with new features and services while providing their subscribers a better technology,”

DOCSIS 3.0 specification based product to the market, featuring download speeds of 160 Mbps in the low-cost residential configuration and 320 Mbps in business services configuration

“DOCSIS 3.0 will be extremely important to our industry in the coming years as our high-speed broadband customers’ appetite for advanced performance and features continues to grow,” said Comcast Chief Technology Officer Tony Werner. “We appreciate TI’s ongoing commitment to the industry, enabling their customers to deliver on the promise of DOCSIS 3.0 this year with compelling new products.” For cable operators, migrating to a DOCSIS 3.0 network will not require a complete network rebuild. Delivering the benefits of a DOCSIS 3.0 network will only require upgrades to the cable modem termination system (CMTS) and customer premise equipment (CPE),

TI’s Puma 5 cable modem chip pounces on Docsis 3.0 transition

“Many MSOs realize that PON architectures like Verizon’s FiOS represent a real threat, but Docsis 3.0 is not just a defensive play against FiOS,” Percosan said. “Bonding four channels downstream into a service group allows complex mixes of services. And the really smart MSOs are mixing their Docsis 3.0 plans with switched digital video plans. The only limitation to that is that the video guys at an MSO don’t always plan in concert with the high-speed-data guys.”

Cable Operator’s Tests of DOCSIS 3.0 Equipment Will Include Video

In one of its DOCSIS 3.0 trials, the operator will provide voice, video and data over a single, high-bandwidth IP connection, according to a presentation by Mark Francisco, director of engineering/home services for Comcast New Media Development, at CableLabs’ winter technology conference in March.

This converged-services trial, in a system that serves 50,000 homes passed, will include an IP-video headend and DOCSIS 3.0 set-top boxes built to the operator’s Residential Network Gateway requirements, Francisco said, according to an industry consultant who was in attendance.

The test bed will also include other network-connected devices, such as Sling Media’s Slingbox…

The latest DOCSIS version also supports IPv6 and IP multicasting improvements for services such as IPTV. 

LSI DX-1710 HD transcoder product line allows seamless distribution of MPEG-2, H.264, and VC-1 content over IPTV and broadband networks


DOCSIS 3.0 Cometh

May 10, 2007

Don’t think you’ll be able to stream HD Video to your PC or TV via the Internet? Take a look at DOCSIS 3.0 which will deliver speeds that are multiples of the HD bit rates.

Comcast’s, chief technology officer Tony Wernersays his company will be testing the technology this year. CableLabs certification of equipment will also begin this year. That means in 2008 it is likely there will be 3.0 modems available to deploy.

Werner says it will cost 70% less to offer 6 mbps service using 3.0 vs 2.0 equipment, and about the same for 100 mbps on 3.0 as 6 mbps on 2.0.

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts demoed “real” DOCSIS 3.0 at the NCTA show the other day.

While the higher speed service will require more of the cable’s bandwidth, using the current bandwidth should produce speeds of almost 40 mbps, or 2X the HD video bit rate.

All this may not lead to streaming HD over the Global Internet in the next two years, but it is clear we are in shouting distance of seeing it within a service provider’s network.

More Internet Video Coming

April 26, 2007

Joost will be coming out of Beta soon, offering commercial supported streaming video from an impressive array of content providers. In addition to 3 minutes of commercials per hour, contextual ads with links will overlay as the show is running. Users can also provide information which will help target commercials to them.

How will Joost get to the TV set? Imagine linking Joost and SlingMedia devices. Traditional networks are finding Internet Video viewing of their shows is additive to their business; that is going to lead to a flood of availability. Sling’s products will be positioned to take advantage of this.


Meanwhile, Sun Microsystems is offering a new server capable of providing large numbers of video streams together with storage to handle libraries like Netflix’s.,1895,2122129,00.asp

TV Guide Online Video Search

April 16, 2007

TV Guide is building an online video search/guide site at

The site is currently in Beta.

Type in Miami Vice, click on a thumb nail, and whisk away to TVLand.

Multichannel News says:

The Online Video Guide, which was code-named Project Stingray, has been in development since last June.

With the beta launch, the guide will index videos from 55 entertainment-focused Web sites, including those of broadcast and cable programmers such as A&E Television Networks, BET, BBC America, CNN, Comedy Central, Disney Channel, ESPN, MTV, Nickelodeon, TBS, Showtime and HBO.

The guide allows users to search for TV shows, movies and video clips by title or keyword and to browse media by most popular videos, most popular TV shows, top celebrities, network and genre. provides direct links to specific clips or full episodes, but it doesn’t host the video content itself.

Sling Could Own the DOD World

April 16, 2007

Could Sling Media be getting ready to own the DOD world?

The benchmarks are getting set…streaming receivers costing $299 and $200 are here and coming. It is going to remain very interesting.

Blake Kerkorian is talking to NAB Monday about the SlingCatcher, which will be far more than just a receiver for Slingboxes. Using a PC to download and transcode a variety of Internet video sources, the Catcher will play those on your TV.

The strategy is somewhat similar to what TiVo can do with autotranscode, but considering Sling’s ability to vastly out develop TiVo, this $200 product could bury TiVo’s $799 + $hundreds S3 and their S2s.

And Sling just happens to be getting a ton of free network quality content… take that, TiVo. Plus, Sling will offer ways to attach ads to those clipped and shared pieces of content… see Clip+Sling, etal.

Sling is nimbly working a strategy for everything out there… streaming, mobileTV, recording, content sharing…

Right now Sling Media is the best of the best, and the company is becoming the one to beat in the Internet delivery era.