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What´s Happening

April 24, 2008

Worried about the OTA digital TV transition in Feb. 2009? Maybe you shouldn´t be: this blogger seems pretty happy right now.

TiVo´s CMO is gone already, just 9 months after his arrival. I am not sure if he stayed longer than the CFO (the last “permanent” CFO,) but it seems things are going so well ( :p ) at TiVo, Inc. that people just can´t wait to leave. Richardson made a couple minor changes to the subscription plans that I approved of, but this indicates things are going poorly over at TiVo, Inc. While I had reservations about him, and frankly don´t know if it was him or TiVo, I put my money down on the side of Richardson running screaming from the loony bin. Can´t (don´t want to) imagine what this means for the progress of CableSoft or international efforts, let alone the SA business. Let´s just say if there was some meat to be had off the bone, he probably would not have left after just 9 months.  😉

Multichannel News has a statement from TiVo:

In a statement, TiVo said, “Clent’s departure from TiVo was an amicable one, and we have a strong team in place to implement the firm’s marketing initiatives.”

Amicable as in they didn´t kill each other? :p Well, we all know just how STRONG TiVo´s marketing team is, don´t we…

Last month, TiVo CEO Tom Rogers said the DVR company will “maintain our more limited spend on marketing while we assess the speed with which consumers recognize the value and importance of broadband distribution of digital video.”

So, there you go. Actually, I suspect Richardson just might have been the adult in the room that pulled the plug on last year´s disasterous marketing campaign and spend. So what happens next? Sugar Mountain is open for business again?


In the News

April 21, 2008

MediaWeek undertaking serious series on DVR viewer behavior:

How Do You TiVo?

Eight short years ago, when TiVo and ReplayTV came to market, both Madison Avenue and “Joe Consumer” needed the value proposition explained to them and proved. Today, while the industry still works to get the value out of the proposition, consumers are clearly onboard and enthusiastic.


An article titled after my own heart:

Revision3 Shows: Soon to be Seen by Hardly Anyone On Multiple Platforms

Revision3San Francisco-based Revision3 which produces more than a dozen Web video series has inked multiple distribution deals in the past two weeks including deals with Joost, TiVo and Hulu according to a story on MediaWeek.


 COVER STORY: Girl Power!

SIDEBAR: Co-Viewing: No More Fights Over the Remote

With a full 20% of homes now owning a digital-video recorder, a strange thing is happening in the living room: More couples are watching TV together, and fewer are fighting over the remote control. Nielsen senior VP of planning policy and analysis Pat McDonough suggested that co-viewing may be gradually reversing a long-running fragmentation trend.

“It’s like appointment TV; when people play back later, they’re together,” she said. McDonough added that if she’s watching her favorite shows, like Desperate Housewives, live, she’s much more likely to be watching them alone.

TiVo’s Todd Juenger, VP of audience research, backed up the argument that co-viewing is on the rise as a result of time shifting. “In the halls here, we joke about how many marriages TiVo has saved … You used to have to fight over what to watch. You still have to choose who watches first, but you don’t have to go into a separate room. It is a great compromising vehicle.”

Duane Varan, a well-known TV researcher at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia, oversees a living room fashioned as a laboratory that receives thousands of TV viewers who act as guinea pigs. Varan’s work involves measuring responses to TV shows or commercials through such methods as galvanic skin response (or how much a person sweats) or a viewer’s eye movements and heart rate.

“Our research shows that new technology actually helps to accommodate the gender difference,” Varan said. “It’s good news for the battle of the sexes.” The television can be paused momentarily while discussions are finished, and other distractions don’t have to wait until commercial breaks, he suggested.


Announcing: HDTiVo Blog Remains Completely Unchanged

April 5, 2008

For those of you my age and over who have trouble keeping up with all the latest stuff, HDTiVo Blog announces that it remains completely unchanged – literally for the last 3 months.

Unlike certain “competing” blogs who change their formats, HDTiVo Blog is completely committed to its current format. Rest assured, you will never see a video, photo or graphic. Our devotion is to black and white text that´s unfortunately not read all over.

Strict Teletype compatiblity will be maintained indefinitely. Always take the latest news home on punch tape that fits in your shirt pocket – even when writing implements are sharing space therein.

Unfortunately due to vendor requirements, CRT support is no longer available; we are now LCD only.  OK, just kidding; chill.

Our commitment is to write articles less frequently to allow all our readers to keep pace. Once everyone has had a chance to read and comment on the latest article, we will begin working on the next. We hope this will give folks the chance to also absorb the comments before being burdened with a new topic.

Your feedback on retaining the old format is welcome. We did no testing to see if this was the right thing to do, in accordance with our strict no testing of anything ever policy.

Best wishes for the second quarter of 2008, and as always, thanks for being troubled enough to read this,


Hulu Taking Beta Orders

October 29, 2007

Hulu is taking Beta orders. Just go to and enter your email address to get yet another proprietary way of watching a bunch of content – NBC and Fox shows this time.

Hulu says it will ‘call’ when they are ready for you. They called me back in a couple minutes, but it was just to let me know I’m on the list.

Around the Horn with TiVo

September 25, 2007

Maybe October is the new November? ;)

Updating New TiVo Software Being Distributed (9.1),I think its very likely everything (incl. TTG/MRV  and eSata) is in there, waiting to be found ;)or turned on. They are not going to send out another upgrade to the entire installed base in another 6 weeks. If you think about it, by the time this one gets to everybody it will be almost November – and TiVo usually considers something released after everyone has gotten it.

I hope they release by account, because folks with multiple S2s will be temporarily inconvenienced by the MRV incompatibility otherwise.

While TiVo is offering a $50 S2DT80, (Get an 80-hour S2DT for $49.99) no matter what TiVo does on price, short of giving away lots of money with each box, subscription additions will not be good as long as the ridiculous subscription options remain in place. This comment extends to the hi def TiVoes. TiVo HD will sell somewhat better than S3 did, but TiVo’s growth is at an end after this year unless they change.

I made a rare stumble into the Showcasesarea and was impressed by how many items were in there (but Product Watch is still highly dead.) Showcases has previews from CBS and ABC, including the use of Thumbs Up and one click SPs (one click for SPs to all shows too.)  The free Unbox downloads lack Thumbs/SP options (as well any any promotional content about the series.) Between Unbox and Showcases, Networks are well representedon TiVo for promoting this Fall’s shows.

I think ComCastTiVo is a while from coming.  As I alluded to last week,

TiVo says software development is done and any delays are due to funky infrastructure issues at Comcast. Is it semantics? (Credibility)  Who cares; it ain’t rolling out and there was no statement that it is coming in X weeks unlike on the earnings call. (TiVo @ Maxim Group Growth Conference)

the roll out is going to be slow, quite a bit longer than what most people had thought a month or so ago, and subscriber acquisition will obviously be delayed as well.

Away from TiVo, Echostar is buying SlingMedia. I don’t know whether or not to cry. I don’t know what to think yet.

Strategic Positioning – In Front of Your …

September 24, 2007

Nobody wants to watch TV on their PC. Its not TV until its on TV.

You’ve heard those statements plenty in recent months in reference to the belief that the PC viewing experience is inadequate and people really want to watch TV on their TVs – fancy or not.

So why are so many people watching things on their PCs? Well, the fact is people are in front of their PCs quite a bit these days. Once you are already in front of the computer, watching something is not that big a stretch.

Another reason is the robbing the bank reason…that’s where the content is. Much of what people are watching via DOD is only available on a PC.

I want to extend the already in front of it concept a bit. People are already in front of their TVs quite a bit already as well.  So DOD content to the TV is a logical winner as well. But who has the strategic advantage?

Xbox has downloads, even in HD. There are other choices now and coming on stream. But, you really are not in front of your xbox that much. Sure you play it alot, but watching TV on it involves actively switching from a video source to the xbox and then going into the video mode, which is not your primary use of the xbox and not an ingrained habit at this point.

I would argue that at this point only one choice really has its people in front of it quite a bit. That’s TiVo. When you watch TV, if you have a TiVo, you are always in front of your TiVo. TiVo’s primary use is watching TV; its a habit – even an addiction – for its users.

This is a physical/ergonomic type argument for strategic advantage. It is limited, because so many other factors go into whether TiVo actually translates this advantage into a real business advantage. Thus far TiVo has done a horrendous job, putting itself at strategic disadvantages in most other aspects of this battle for the DOD business (and the rest of its “business.”)

A new CEO, sweeping clean much of the organization, with a proper strategic vision for grabbing the opportunity could transform TiVo from a dwindling presence into a vibrant grower. Will the Board take action? It is a shame to see TiVo throw away its potential.

Current TiVo Pricing

September 20, 2007

As most readers already know, TiVo has a $200 rebate on the Series 3. You can pay a net $599 at the TiVo Store or $399 via Amazon. As usual, there is absolutely no point to ordering from The web special offer is equally unappetizing.

TiVoHDs are going for less than $266 from Amazon, a decent drop after the short time the unit is on the market. There is no rebate, of course.

Series 2DTs are still stiffly priced at around $80, but the old single tuner 540 can be had for $-20 at TCS.

The good news about what TiVo is doing is that they are continuing to offer MSD pricing for their own web site and retail purchases. Better return policies at may make paying a few extra $s for the TiVoHD worthwhile, but maybe not $34.

I expect very few will prefer to pay an extra $100-130+ for the Series 3, but not having much experience yet with the TiVoHD, I am not entirely confident that the Series 3 isn’t more superior to the HD than I realize. (I’m still trying to get two working cableCARDs out of the monopolist.)  😉

For MSD eligible subscribers, the TiVoHD is not a bad deal compared to many cable offerings (which have seen increased pricing lately,) provided you are very confident you’ll stay almost all of the three years. This is a big improvement compared to the Series 3, but don’t expect TiVo’s sales to suddenly go wild from this limited advantage.

Build Your Own

September 20, 2007

VeohTV is allowing users to “build” their own reels of NCAA Football highlights.

You can choose a variety of categories, teams, play types, players…

An interesting novelty; I’d get a better impression of its value with NFL and MLB content.

FCC makes decision on carriage of Analog Cable signals

September 12, 2007

The FCC made a decision to allow TV stations (OTA) to demand the carriage of analog versions of their signal for up to 3 years after the digital switch over in Feb 2009.

While this does not clarify the entire picture for analog cable, it does decide terms that OTA signals are carried in analog form over cable networks.

Its not clear how this reconciles with Integration Ban waivers issued to cable cos. commiting to all digital carriage, since this in effect allows a local OTA station to force an analog signal onto the system.

Regardless, the decision impinges particularly on S2DT users who are threatend with the loss of the functionality of one (the coax input) tuner by the digital cable transition.

What’s Happening?

July 31, 2007


Verizon FiOS video and internet service is hot. Multichannel News

Progress toward expanding the TiVo HD – TiVo Lovers

Small cable operators can offer turnkey VOD service via Comcast Media Center. Up to 1,200 hours of VOD available.

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What’s Happening?

July 26, 2007


TiVo, Minus the Tangle – Business Week reviews TiVo HD

The new TiVo HD isn’t quite the set-top box of my dreams, but it comes pretty close. And it is a harbinger of better things that will be here soon.


DTV Transition Scares Missouri Senator – 😮 

Too few consumers know that their analog-TV sets could go dark in February 2009 as a result of the government mandated conversion to digital broadcasting, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) said Thursday.

“Frankly, this scares me, politically,” she said at a Senate Commerce Committee hearing that included the Commerce Department official overseeing a key program. “I mean, there is no anger that comes close to the anger of an American who can’t get television.”

–  😮 –

Mark says the Internet is dead – Cuban is promoting Intranets as the future for HD video delivery. Maybe he’ll resurect Prodigy. 😉

 “The Internet’s for old people.”

“I was wrong,”

Progress Toward Comcast National SDV Rollout

July 26, 2007

Comcast will use the Arris D5 Universal Edge QAM which offers flexible bandwidth allocation to SDV/VOD to allow expansion of SDV service as needed.

D5 Specs

 Comcast Lands on Arris Edge-QAMs

Such universal edge-QAMs can provide bandwidth for multiple services, including switched digital video and video-on-demand, whereas traditional QAMs require channels to be dedicated exclusively to one service, like VOD.

Separately, French electronics-maker Thomson earlier this week announced that Comcast has picked it as a supplier of voice-enabled cable modems, in addition to the MSO’s current deal with Arris for such devices.

TiVo Bringing MSD to Bundles?

July 23, 2007

TiVo may be bringing MSD pricing to its own Web site bundle sales. This evening when I click on the Price Plans I am told

Congratulations-you qualify! Prices below reflect monthly fee after Multi-Service Discount.

The usual monthly prices are struck out and the MSD (less $6) prices are next to them on the 1,2 & 3 year plans. Of course, the pre-pays are not adjusted.

If this is real, then I am quite impressed with the changes I am seeing at TiVo in a short time. Let’s look forward to more!  🙂

What’s Happening?

July 23, 2007


TiVo to debut a lower-priced HD video recorder – Orders to be taken on website tomorrow. In stores early August.

VOD’s Growing Pains – Getting from here to there is a set of incremental steps.

Cable operators and competitors aren’t facing a full-scale swap-out of existing infrastructure, but instead incremental upgrades and expansions. As a benefit, some of the network upgrades for VOD can also be used to deliver more linear HD channels and faster high-speed data service.

This upgrade investment will be far less than the massive infrastructure buildup in the mid-90s. “On an order of magnitude, we’re talking hundreds of millions” of dollars, says Ferris Baker Watts analyst Murray Arenson, who covers leading vendors SeaChange, C-COR and Concurrent.

Opening A Network – Will a TV set stay a TV set?

A TV set is a TV set is a TV set, able to take signals pretty much from any distribution network out there. Over the air broadcasting, satellite broadcasting, cable system, telco system.

You take it for granted. Just as you do — now — your ability to plug any phone you buy at Best Buy into any phone jack in your house

TiVo enlists Ruder Finn – Firm replaces Rogers & Cowan which had worked on TiVo’s consumer efforts. Along with the newly created CMO position, it looks like TiVo is making serious efforts to change their marketing approaches.

Dingell Seeks FCC Answers On Set-Tops, Spectrum Auctions – Why the waivers?

Samsung Targets Early Adopters Wth Set Top Boxes – The cost of those little boxes for analog hold outs.

Redstone Feud Heats Up – No sign of the school teacher in this one.

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What TiVo and Others Could Learn from iPhone

July 23, 2007

What Your Next Launch Can Take From the IPhone

Lesson Three: Simplify pricing.   …

In Apple’s case, the choices were boiled down to one question: How many minutes do you want?   …

For instance, TiVo missed the opportunity here, said Golvin. “TiVo sells the box and the service separately, and TV customers aren’t always clear on what they are paying for.

You can say that again. Also realize you are not in the cell phone business unless you are in the cell phone business.

Lesson Four: Don’t be afraid to charge for quality. At launch people will break out of ingrained thinking and pay a premium price if they believe the product offers superior experience and beautiful design …

But don’t forget to get realistic when your remaining customers do too; and don’t raise prices as your products’ value diminishes.

iPhone’s launch was phenomenal. Not only was the build up fantastic, but the advertising at launch was stunning – jaw dropping.  I sat in awe watching iPhone commercials that would work beautifully for TiVo while considering throwing my wallet at an AT&T or Apple store – like a 17 year old throwing her panties at the Beatles.

What’s Happening?

July 21, 2007


Verizon TiVo programing adjusts price to $1.99 – Now that is a price I could live with. Nice video by Shanan too.

Can anyone get the connected home right? – The sorry state of affairs after decades of promise; but does anyone have a vision?

While each of these products has a lot of promise, the reality is collectively they are just too complex for the average person to use and, in terms of cost, outside of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates few folks cold afford to buy all the parts to make a complete solution.  

No wonder consumers are confused, the best offerings don’t talk to each other, are often way out of their price range, and collectively so complex that you’d need a degree in engineering to both understand and use them.  Microsoft has the breadth but not the focus, Apple the skills but not the breadth, Sony the capability but not the will, and we are left waiting for the one company which can pull this all together and create an iPhone like moment that could transform this space. 

CBS Eye-lert Tells You When TV Shows Run Late – If only TiVo can integrate this; no more missed endings. 🙂

How the DVR Extends TV’s Prime Time

Don’t fear the web or TiVo. They aren’t nearly so scary as previously thought, particularly for advertisers on broadcast TV. Sure, broadband is growing quickly. “Fully connected” households — those with digital TV and broadband — leapt to nearly 30% from 25% year on year. Web crawling during prime time is up 28% among adults. But the web’s growth hasn’t negatively affected how much time we spend watching the tube. Indeed, Mr. Poltrack’s research found that 73% of us watch the same amount of TV as we used to, and 16% of us watch more TV in prime time.

YouTube won’t replace the boob tube. According to Mr. Poltrack’s CBS Vision research, 63% of us watched video on the internet last year, while this year that number leapt to 85%. In addition, whether someone has viewed a show online seems to positively affect whether they’d watch the show again on TV. Twenty-one percent of adults said they would watch a show more after they’d seen it online, while 69% said they’d watch the program the same amount.

DVR users sometimes notice ads. By the time next year’s critical upfront TV advertising sales period arrives, digital video recorders such as TiVo will be in one out of every four American homes. The good news for advertisers? While TiVo is certainly used for ad zapping, it’s done not with the regularity one might think. Mr. Poltrack said more than half of the time, DVR owners polled “sometimes notice ads,” while 15% of the time they “always notice ads.” Moreover, those DVR owners were able to recall specific brands advertised 44% of the time while watching live TV, compared with 41% of the time in playback — hardly a massive drop in awareness.

Prime time just got longer. Just as Taco Bell has profitably invented the gut-expanding “fourth meal,” it should come as a delight of advertisers that TiVo and its clones seem to be expanding prime time into a “fourth hour,” from 8 p.m. to 12 p.m. Someone who might have watched an evening of CBS’s “Big Brother” and “CSI” might then also watch ABC’s “Grey’s Anatomy” in the same night instead of simply watching their affiliate’s nightly recap of fires and crimes and tomorrow’s weather. “Thirty percent of [DVR owners] are doing this on a regular basis,” Mr. Poltrack said with a slight grimace. “We know because it’s affecting our late [local] news and our morning shows.”

DVRs In Nearly Half US Homes By 2010 – More from the Carmel Group study. TiVo to share 2% of DVR market in 2010

NAB: Feb. 17, 2009, Means Nothing to 60% of Consumers

CBS Aims to Spread Web Content – 400 Sites!

“CBS is al about open, nonexclusive partnerships,” CBS Interactive president Quincy Smith said. “Just is not the answer” to reaching viewers, he added, so the network is devoted to going out where the viewers are, not forcing them to

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TiVo Talks About Ad Stats (2)

July 18, 2007

An article in MediaLife, New, grimmer data on zapping of ads, takes a more pessimistic view than I do. I disagree with the tone for several reasons, including the difference between DVR only stats and stats drawn from the whole population, and impressions that commercials make even when FF’d.

TiVo Talks About Ad Stats

What’s Happening?

July 18, 2007


Father-Daughter Rift at Viacom – Sumner still has no intention of dying as the new wife moves in.

Verizon Jumps All Over Veoh’s Internet Clips – Verizon is taking Veoh content for wireless, FIOS & Web; and sponsoring VeohTV.

From Internet superhighway to autobahn – Increasing bandwidth will again change our lives.

Charter Adding Online Content – subscribers get full length content.

According to the company, the enhanced home page for Charter’s internet customers,, is offering long-form and short-form content from HBO, Showtime, IFC, USA Network, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central, MTV and VH1.

Courting a Jury – How to win a patent litigation.

Irell & Manella patent litigator Morgan Chu has learned that local counsel in small towns can help downplay preconceived notions the jury might harbor about high-paid lawyers flying in from the big city. In the April 2006 case TiVo Inc. v. EchoStar Communications Corp., Sam Baxter served as local counsel for Chu, representing TiVo. During voir dire, Baxter addressed several potential jurors by name, like old friends from the neighborhood. “Oh, hi Gladys, how are your children?” he asked one woman. Baxter then asked Chu, who is of Asian descent, to stand up, and he put his arm around his shoulders. “Morgan here is different,” he told the jurors, then paused for dramatic effect. “Morgan wears a bow tie.” TiVo’s team walked away with a winning verdict and $74 million in damages.

Must-Carry vs. Must-Buy – Dual Must Carry, Multi(cast) Must Carry, analog signals…quite an uncertain time for the future of cable signals. 

When Is a TV Not a TV? – More Must Carry; what is a television receiver?

the FCC has proposed two options for cable: either go “all-digital” (which presumably means all subscribers are outfitted with digital set-tops) or be required to simulcast analog and digital feeds from local broadcasters.


Comcast Adds Four HDTV Channels in Chicago – Going all digital is showing benefits, and complaints are negligible.

Cable Blasts Dual Must-Carry at FCC  – Heated words and another reason to go All Digital. Plenty of analog expected to be in cable systems after Feb. ’09.

Study: Broadband Viewing Up, But Not Affecting TV

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What’s Happening?

July 15, 2007


NY Times covers VeohTV 

“It’s impossible to compete with YouTube as a video sharing site now,” said Josh Bernoff, a vice president at Forrester Research. “Veoh is a good example of a company that decided to go off in a new direction.”

HDTiVo is going Veoh — Lingua Franca? Veoh TV


Consumers: I want my Net-TV

Almost two-thirds of consumers want televisions linked to the Internet, according to a report released Wednesday. 

“The awareness and demand for media home networking is growing rapidly among consumers,”

61% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that they wanted the ability to network the Internet to their televisions


What’s Happening?

SDV, OpenCable & OCAP – Theory & Lessons

July 14, 2007

A couple of months ago I wrote about cable technology developments.

Jonathan Tombes of Communications Technology is doing a much more articulate job of reporting on how the industry is progressing towards a more modern virtual switched network.

Digital Video at Expo – SDV and OpenCable

“a strange thing” happened after activating the first node in July 2004, namely: “nothing.”

Thereafter, he notes, a few trucks rolled, but those subsided. “This says a lot about the technology. It was totally transparent to the average subscriber,” he writes.

Switched Digital Ripens – Reality, Cases and Vendors


OCAP Unleashed: Technology Challenges, Lessons Learned, Opportunities
On July 19, Alticast and Communications Technology are presenting a free webcast on OCAP. This webcast will focus on  lessons learned by cable operators, both here and abroad, and how OCAP applications are being developed and deployed. To register, click here.


Signs of Lite?

July 13, 2007


More detailed rumor : I am sure there is an analog tuner/encoder though.

Mike Lang, a Moderator on TCF, is dropping hints that he knows a lot about the coming S3-Lite and that it sure will be out in time for the holidays. 🙂

I wonder why, after all the threads, he chose this one to drop a dime?

What’s Happening?

July 13, 2007


The Senate Commerce Committee will hold a hearing July 26 to get a read on the U.S.’s readiness for the digital transition.

Engel Seeks More Money for DTV Education Campaign

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What’s Happening?

July 12, 2007


New Media, old formulas, structural changes.

Added Sweeney, “It’s not just about the new media and how that might impact our businesses. It is about the whole structure of the business.”

“I devote an awful lot of my day right now to dealing with new media and where our content is,” said Moonves, who wants to avoid having the TV and movie business follow in the footsteps of the music industry. “You’d be surprised how often I’m dealing with that now in my day-to-day life in New York City.  I wouldn’t know how to begin to talk about a formula (or) how this would be shared since it is such an experiment right now for all of us.”

The executives are taking aim at residual structures established in the early 1960s and partially revised 20 years ago, when the guilds went on strike to fight a losing battle over residuals for videos. The unions have vowed not to be left behind again when it comes to broadband and other new technologies.

The most vocal of the three, Meyer said, “We have to make fair deals. We just think that the model has to change, that the sharing should be done on profitability…”


Video downloads planned for TiVo in Australia. Megazone.  Especially interesting is the plan to include YouTube videos. YouTube recently started going AVC for iPhone; this may indicate TiVo boxes will have access to AVC content from places like YouTube – and why not in the U.S.?  😉

Other video content from the internet, such as YouTube clips, would also feature prominently. But only a limited number of content sites would be supported for the sake of usability.

“You can’t open up the world because the fact is [with TiVo] you’re navigating the world with a remote control – it’s very different to sitting at your PC,” said Mr Lund.


TWC is Lovin’ SDV:

Time Warner Cable Austin’s Director of Digital Systems Todd Bowen

“Any channel that is put into SDV is unavailable to CableCard equipped (unidirectional) TVs and PVRs such as the TiVo Series 3,” writes Bowen. The resultant subscriber experience of loss can be “emotional,” he adds. (An understatement, given the psychological profile of a typical TiVo devotee.)


A Behind-The-Scenes Look At How DRM Becomes Law

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What’s Happening?

July 9, 2007


AMD Announces the Resignation of Dave Orton, former CEO of ATI 


ATI: Where are the cableCARDs

DirecTV successfully launches HD satellite.

Mark Cuban complaining he’s the only one interested in programming for HDTV.

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What’s happening?

July 5, 2007


HP’s MediaSmart TVs gaining access to video content via internet…CinemaNow already signed…browse and purchase from the TV. 


Jackie Collins on TiVo:

And now you live alone in Beverly Hills? People think of me as glamorous, but if I wake up in my house and have nothing to do except write, that is bliss to me. Later I’ll watch TiVo. I’m a TiVo addict.


GPLv3 causing problems with Microsoft. MSFT will not provide any new GPLv3 code to customers of its alliance with Novell.


Comcast is putting some heat on the FCC for maybe getting a little capricious with those waivers. While Verizon may be taking some heat off. And AT&T U-verse has a slick story.

Free to air TV in Australia making program listings data available to DVR makers.

Dave Zatz and Megazone have been on to the new Moxi DVR products.

TiVo exercised its option to make its license with TGC non-exclusive.